Karen Kingsbury

The ones I have read are in bold, currently reading italicized.

Complete Book List (in the recommended reading order for the series)

Redemption Series – Baxters 1
Redemption – Book 1
Remember – Book 2
Return – Book 3
Rejoice – Book 4
Reunion – Book 5

Firstborn Series – Baxters 2
Fame – Book 1
Forgiven – Book 2
Found – Book 3
Family – Book 4

Forever – Book 5

Sunrise Series – Baxters 3
Sunrise – Book 1
Summer – Book 2
Someday – Book 3

Sunset – Book 4

September 11th Series
One Tuesday Morning – Book 1
Beyond Tuesday Morning – Book 2
Every Now and Then – Book 3

Lost Love Series
Even Now – Book 1
Ever After – Book 2

Cody Gunner Series
A Thousand Tomorrows – Book 1
Just Beyond the Clouds – Book 2

Women of Faith Series
A Time to Dance – Book 1
A Time to Embrace – Book 2

Forever Faithful Series
Waiting for Morning – Book 1
Moment of Weakness – Book 2
Halfway to Forever -Book 3

Above The Line Series
Take One – Book 1 (Coming March 10th, 2009)
Take Two – Book 2 (Coming June 23rd, 2009)
Take Three – Book 3 (Coming)
Final Cut – Book 4 (Coming)

Stand Alone Titles
This Side of Heaven
Between Sundays
Like Dandelion Dust
Oceans Apart
Where Yesterday Lives
When Joy Came to Stay
On Every Side

Red Glove Titles
Gideon’s Gift
Maggie’s Miracle
Sarah’s Song
Hannah’s Hope

Gift Books
Forever young
Be Safe Little Boy
Stay Close Little Girl

Children’s Books
Let me Hold You Longer
We Believe In Christmas
Let’s Go On A Mommy Date
Let’s Go On A Daddy Date (Coming 2009)

Treasury of Miracles Books
A Treasury of Christmas Miracles
A Treasury of Miracles for Women
A Treasury of Miracles for Teens
A Treasury of Miracles for Friends
A Treasury of Adoption Miracles


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