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Freebie Friday

I love to read! I mean I really love to read! Books of pretty much any kind (i do have some I don’t read at all) find there way into my hands via the library, friends and my Kindle! I just looked and I have 1,376 books on my Kindle! Whoah, that is a lot of books. I also have another 14 physical books checked out from the library and 5 on hold! Maybe I have a problem. We’ll come back to that later.

Here are a few free books, a nice mix of fiction and nonfiction, that I have found this week and thought I would share. Just remember that they can stop being free at anytime, so if you’re interested you better grab it while you can. Enjoy!

Books- Fiction and NonFiction


Counted with the Stars    Juliette and the Monday ManDates    Legend of the Celtic Stone   With this Ring    How to Study the Bible    The Pursuit of God   Can I Trust the Bible
The Attributes of God   Jesus Came to Save Sinners


Printables make my life easier and lessen the chaos! I love them and have so many that I have printed off.  So I figured I would share some with you! There are literally thousands on the internet and of course I have my favorite designers. And yes I know that I could create my own (and I have all the tools to do so), but you know the saying “why reinvent the wheel”. So I just find already created ones that fit what I need and use them!

Monogram Note Cards      Bicycle Wall Art    Laundry Guide    Meal Prep Worksheet
Kids Road Trip Games (You will need to scroll down the page to find them. But be sure to check out all the others while you’re there!)
Prayer cards for Our Husbands
Prayer cards for Our Kids
Elisabeth Elliot quote
August Prayer Calendar (you will need to click the purple buttons that says purchase. Enter your email address and your free download will start)

Other Freebies

Free Jiffy Mix Recipe Book

Free 6 month Amazon Prime membership for students

Free Garnier Fructis Brazilian Smooth Hair Care Product

Free bottle of Tabanaro Hot Sauce 

Free Disney Family decal (customize)

Free coupon for bottle of NesTea Iced Tea







**Disclaimer- All items listed above where free when found and blog post was published. Please double check the price of all Amazon books before clicking as they may have returned to normal prices.  All freebies were good at the time of publishing. I apologize if a freebie is no longer available.**




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