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Love to Travel? Check out this DIY Travel Map

Raise your hand if you LOVE to travel around the U.S!

Is that everybody?! Yep, thought so.

Have you seen this awesome DIY travel map yet, from The Dating Divas?  What a genius idea! It was designed by the very talented Courtney at Paperelli.  I’ve seen this floating around on Pinterest for years, but I never could wrap my head around the time commitment to sit down and make it. I am so glad that this is just print-and-cut…brilliant!

The map includes templates for all of the States (including Alaska and Hawaii). So pick your fave photos from each state you’ve visited, use the template to cut it out, stick it on…and you’re done! How fun!

They even have these great little flags that you can stick onto the map to mark your favorite places, honeymoon spot, and more!

Don’t you love this idea? It would look so great on my wall at home! (It fits a 24×36 frame perfectly, just FYI).

So hurry and grab yours, and get it up on your wall for all to see!


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