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Where Were You When the World Stopped Turning?

 (This is a republished post. That being said, the thoughts and feelings in the post are still applicable today.)

Do you remember where you were September 11, 2001?  I do.

I was sitting in my living room in Pennsylvania in the house that we has just bought 4 months earlier. Josh has left for work earlier, around 8 am and some friends that had been invited over for a playdate/see the new house time had arrived. We sat around talking as we waited for a couple more moms and little ones to arrive.  I remember that the t.v. was on, but we really weren’t paying all that much attention to it.  Instead, we were more focused on the latest accomplishments of our children, things that our husbands had done, what our upcoming plans were.  We talked about how later I had to bake and frost a cake and decided if we were going out to eat or if I was cooking a special dinner at home.  All for my husbands birthday.

I remember the phone call that changed the light heartedness of the atmosphere in the house.  Josh called to ask if I was watching the news. I said not really and he said turn it on.  So I did.  I remember us moms sitting there in shocked silence as we watched and listened to the news accounts of plane #1 flying into the North Tower of the World Trade Center.  We then watched in disbelief and horror as plane #2 deliberately flew in to the South Tower of the World Trade Center.  It was unreal and felt like we were in a nightmare that we hoped that we would soon wake up from.  I vaguely remember the moms packing up their kids, opening their cell phones, making phone calls and leaving.  But I strongly remember sitting on that couch with my baby girl on my lap and tears streaming down my face as the stunning reports of what just happened played over and over, on and on.

It was horrific to watch and numbing to think about what had to be going through a persons mind to be able to carry out acts such as these.  I can not even imagine, even to this day, what the families of the victims, survivors and rescue crews went through.  I can imagine that their pain and suffering, their thankfulness and their sacrifice goes on; it is something that will stay with them for the remainder of their lives, never letting them forget that day.

And although we try to move on as a country, as we limit the mentioning of those horrific acts or the showing of the images (except on the anniversary), as we are told that terrorism is really not that big of a threat any longer, we can not forget what happened on that day. Nor should we!  People gave up their lives that day, knowingly or unknowingly; willingly and unwillingly.  We should not take for granted those that were lost and why they died.

The following pictures were saved to my computer in the weeks and months that followed that memorable day.  However, I no longer have the documentation of where they came from or who to give credit too as I lost my PC hard drive.  Thank you to the many, many people that shared these photos with the world.  They are in no particular order.


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