American Idol- Finalists

So I actually got to watch the show on the night it aired! Tonight was an easy night, got home from church at a decent hour, not arguing with the kids and both went to bed with pretty much no problems.  So I just had to wait for josh to get home and then we got the party started! lol!  So here are my thoughts, take them for what there worth.

Colton- great job

Erika- she did good. better than i was expecting

Elise- i think changing her song was not a good choice.  sad that she didn’t do well because i really like her voice

Joshua- one of my faves tonight! (one of my picks for finalists)

Deandre- one of the best performances of his, however I couldn’t really understand several of the phrases of the song.  i like his voice when he doesn’t sing in his high-pitched voice.

Shannon- Josh said it was a train wreck, I don’t think it was that bad but it wasn’t good! Which is disappointing because we know she can sing! and i think Whitney would really fit with her voice

Jermaine-  good performance.

Skylar- i thought she did a great job, i think the advice that Mary J gave her was spot on! i was worried about her singing Whitney but she brought it! (one of my finalist picks)

Heejun- i think he always surprises me when he sings, you just don’t expect him to sound like he does.  his voice is so smooth.  and he’s so funny!

Hollie- agree with Randy “you nailed it”  way to go!

Jeremy- i really like his voice. not sure if it was his best but ok

Jessica- brave little thing! but if any of them could sing it, it was her for sure!! she did it!!!  big voice in a little body (one of my finalists picks)

Phillip- love his voice, love him! my favorite of the night.  and he was probably the only one who could follow Jessica’s great performance! (one of my finalist picks)

My favorites of the night were Phillip, Jessica, Skylar, Joshua and Colton.

I think the bottom two girls are Elise and Shannon and the bottom two guys are Jermaine and Jeremy.

But as we all know, the bottom performers are not necessarily based on how they actually sang.  It is really up to those voting.


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