American Idol- Top 13

So I finally got to watch the elimination episode. I think for me this was a tough one because there were so many that I really liked and wanted to go through that couldn’t. But I honestly have to say that there was only two people that went through that I didn’t think would! So I think I did pretty good in my picks.

Here are my favorites.
1. Skylar Laine- love her, she is my fave girl
2. Phillip Phillips- my favorite guy! love his voice
3. Shannon McGrane
4. Elise Testone- her voice is so unique
5. Joshua Ledet- great voice
6. Holly-
7. Colton-
8. Erika Van Pelt- so glad she made it through.
9. Jeremy Rosado- he has a great voice, he is so lovable, so nice
10. Jessica Sanchez- has a great voice, i just haven’t been into her performances
11. Heejun- i really like Heejun but I just don’t think he has what it takes. I was really surprised that he made it through. But he is funny!
12. Jermaine- very surprised! I love his voice and think it is so nice but I just don’t know if he has the versatility to make it.
13. Deandre- so disagree with this choice! I really think that Reed or Jen Hirsch should have been in this spot! Josh’s prediction is that Deandre is going to be the first to go home! Do I agree, I think he should but who knows whats going to happen

Out of all the ones that they gave a second chance to sing, I really don’t think that I would have had Deandre or Brielle sing. Instead of them I would have chosen Aaron and Creighton.

So there you have it! Can’t wait for next week


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