American Idol- Girls Top 12

Although tonight is actually the results so, I have it dvr’d and probably won’t watch it until tomorrow.  I am hoping that I can avoid all FB posts about the show until after I watch it but most times that is easier said then done! LOL!  So here we go with my favorite and least favorite girls and those that didn’t really stand out but didn’t stink it up!

Favorite Girls
1. Skylar Laine- loved the song choice and the performance! i think she is my favorite girl
2. Shannon McGrane- what a great song choice! loved the performance too! probably my second favorite girl, loved her from initial audition 
3. Hollie Cavanaugh- LOVED IT!  
4. Elise Testone- GREAT JOB! another one of my faves, since the beginning

Jen Hirsch
Hallie Day
Jessica Sanchez
Erika Van Pelt

Least Faves
1. Brielle- not a fan. was a decent performance. wasn’t in love with it as much as the judges thats for sure
2. Baylee Brown- sad cause i liked her, but tonights performance was not good
3. Haley- did not like the song at all, totally agree with Randy
4. Chelsea Sorrell- not a good song choice, i hate to say it because I think it gets used too much but she was a tad pitchy

Well that is it for tonight. Now I have to wait until tomorrow to see who made it and who didn’t!


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