American Idol- Boys Top 12

So I know that this post is late but with everything going on in our lives we dvr the episodes to watch later. Unfortunately that means we can’t vote, so I got to rely heavily on America to get it right and keep my favorites around! And that is hard for me because America doesn’t always come through for me! lol! Anyways, here are my favorites and least favorites from the guys.

Top Guys-
1. Phillip Phillips- LOVE HIM and HIS VOICE!!! i have been a huge fan since his initial audition! he is probably my all time fave guy and I am really hoping he makes it far!
2. Joshua Ledet- great performance!
3. Aaron Marcellus- love his voice too!
4. Creighton Fraker- love, love, love his voice

Of course the middles were
1. Reed Grimm- i like him too!
2. Anthony Brock
3. Colton Dixon- did a good job, just not a stand out for me tonight
4. Jeremy Rosado
5. Heejun Han-

Bottom Guys-
1. Deandre B- did not like it at all!
2. Chase Likens- really sad cause I like him but I don’t think his song choice was the best. it just sounded off to me pretty much the whole song
3. Eden F- i like him too but his performance was disappointing

For me the performance that I think was the worst and should result in the singer being sent home was Deandre.

Although I wasn’t thrilled with their choice to bring back Jeremiane Jones (Gentle Giant), I do have to admit that he did a pretty good job with his song and should stay at least another week.


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