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Baby Update~ 38 weeks 4 days

Sorry this is late and sorry that I have skipped a week in there!

At my 37 week 4 day check-up, Zephaniah had returned to the breech position!  Momma was so disappointed that I almost cried!  Dr. Grant was very gracious and tried to reassure me that since he had turned once there was the possibility that he would turn again.  So I tried not to think about it too much.  Other than that everything looked great.

However, I changed doctors (a post as to why is coming in case you don’t know why) and at my appointment on Monday, which I was 38 weeks 1 day, Zeph was still breech.  My new doctor was not optimistic that he would turn and although he suggested having a version done he was not optimistic that it would help anything.  He also was not very agreeable to me going past 40 weeks and while I didn’t broach the subject I do not think he will be open to the possibility of a breech vaginal delivery.  And while he seemed very nice personally, I did begin to wonder if our views on childbirth were going to line up.  But that is what happens when you change doctors at 37/38 weeks and have to find someone ASAP.  However, I know what my birth plan is and what I want in my birthing process and I have a great advocate in my corner (Josh Monda) who I know will fight for me.  So we will just have to see.

My next appointment is Tuesday and I am really hoping that Zeph has turned head down and I will be able to carry him until I go into labor spontaneously.  At the same time I have tried to come to terms with the reality that he may not turn and I may have to deliver him via C-section.  Which I do not look forward to nor want.  However, I know that I am not in control and if that is what is best for me and my little guy than that is the route we go.  But I would love to be able to try a breech vaginal delivery, but I know that is an unlikely possibility.  I do think though that regardless of his position on Tuesday, I am going to push letting me carry him as long as possible even though I am so ready for him to be here!

So until Tuesday (when I will be 39 weeks 2 days)!  And I do have a cute pic of him, just haven’t got it on my computer yet.  So I will try to get it uploaded soon!


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