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Baby Update~ 36 weeks 4 days

3 weeks further than ever before! YAY! Praise the Lord!

Before we get to the routine doctors appointment post, I thought I would share some other going ons with you.


Its a nasty thing!  I believe that I think this because I get heartburn with no rhyme or reason behind it.  Nothing causes it and nothing helps it.  I have tried avoiding specific foods, taking over the counter medicines and trying home rememdies with no avail!  I am praying and hoping that as soon as this little man is delivered that will be the end of my heartburn!


I am not sure which is worse at the moment, the heartburn or the swelling.  Sad thing is I know that it won’t go away until I deliver the baby and then it might take it a bit still.  It is horrible though, my ankles and feet are so huge at times and the skin so tight that it hurts!  Sometimes my ankles are so swollen that I can’t even bend them and walk all stiff legged!  It gets so bad at times that even my flip flops leave marks on my feet because they are so tight! Now that is bad!  The picture doesn’t really get your the full effect but you can see how large they are at the moment in it.  The other night my toes looked so funny everyone was laughing at them!

Speaking of being stiff and walking funny, I gotta tell you waking up and getting out of bed in the middle of the night is the worst!  I lliterally feel like my legs are going to snap off at the hips and my pelvis is splitting in two.  Normally each time I get up my lower back and hips pop and crack.  I know that those symptoms and the pressure in my pelvis area are normal but man I never experienced anything like this with my other two.  Of course I am 3 weeks further along than I have ever made it!

Doctor’s Appointment

So off to Columbia we went to visit with Dr. Grant.  They were busy today so my wait time was a little longer but not too bad.  I ended up doing my NST first which was fine.  Had a few large contractions but nothing too bad and baby moved but not too much so keeping track of his heartbeat was easier this time around!  Then I went over for my ultrasound and that went well.  Zeph wasn’t really as active as usual but the nurse did comment about how he looked scrunched and you could actually see little fat rolls! It was quite funny considering how much smaller my other two were and I don’t ever remember seeing fat rolls on them!  The nurse used the little buzzer thing to get him to move around a couple of times and the one time he actually placed his hand over his ear! It was so cute!  I can’t wait for this little man to arrive so I can see what he really looks like!  After the ultrasound I had to have my GSB swab done, along with my weight and blood pressure.  Dr. Grant commented that I had gained 6 lbs in 2 weeks but I told Josh I didn’t think that was right but I guess they would know since they keep track of it.  Blood pressure was good, I think a little higher than normal when I am not pregnant so that is good.  Now we are basically waiting for this little guy to make an appearance!

Current Picture

Ok, so this is not the most flattering picture of me but it is the most current one and you can see just how big I am in it. It was taken this past weekend at my moms while we were roasting marshmallows by my loving husband!  It was quite the comedy act while we were roasting marshmallows but that is another post!  Enjoy!

Maternity and Family Photos

And last but certainly not least, here is a look at the maternity and family pics that we had taken in September.  We went to my sister and brother-in-laws studio and I have to say I am so happy with the way the pictures turned out.  I knew they were talented photographers and always love looking at their work, but I really think they outdid themselves with our pictures.  Especially when a certain little boy was not being very cooperative and a certain momma hates her picture taken on a good day!  Thanks guys!

Just click here to see them!


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