Baby Update~ 35 weeks 4 days

Off to Columbia we went again!

Not much changes from week to week at this point.  Zeph is still head down, although he is now positioned on my left side instead of my right.  Fluid measured good and he cooperated with the tech and breezed through everything she needed to check, so I think I was only in the ultrasound room for about 15 minutes if that.

Moved over to the NST and it was a different story!  He was such a little stinker.  The nurse would get his heart rate monitor set, walk out of the room and he would move!  I think the went on for about 3 times until finally the last time she came in she had to sit there for about 20 minutes or so trying to find him!  Finally, she gave up and Dr. Grant came in.  He asked if he had been moving as much as normal and I said yeah, so he said everything was fine and that was the end of that.

Moved over to the other room and got my shot and was good to go!  Only one more of those bad boys and they are done.  I am still taking the Baby Aspirin at least until Sunday and then that is done too.

So we are good to go until next week.


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