Our Birth Plan

So, just let me say first that please feel free to comment if you really want to.  However also please realize that these are my and my husbands desires for us, our labor and delivery and arrival of our son.  You don’t have to agree with them or even like them.  Also realize that I am not so deluded to think that things can’t or don’t go wrong, and with that being said there are times when the desires of my plan can not or will not be followed.  And I am ok with that too. So with that disclaimer, here is our birth plan.



Tzigane and Joshua Monda

Dear Doctors, Nurses and Other Hospital Staff

I have prepared myself for a birth that is as safe and healthy as possible and prefer that interventions be used as a last resort.  I plan to be actively involved in all decisions related to my labor and birth and therefore request clear and open communication between myself and al lmedical support staff.   While I know that I may need to respond to unexpected situations, this birth plan reflects my current intentions.  Thank you for helping me have the safest,  most healthy and satisfying birth experience.


Tzigane & Joshua Monda


Upon arrival, we request:

• Externally monitoring the baby as seldom as possible

o please use the wireless monitor if available for freedom of movement

• Internal exams done extremely infrequently/only when absolutely necessary

o by the same person

• If an IV is needed, please use a hep-lock.

o Please refrain from injecting anything through the IV without consulting Tzigane and husband

**If mother and baby are doing well, we prefer to:

• Avoid artificial induction at all times, including

o waiting 12 hours+ if water breaks at onset of labor

o going past estimated due date

o not breaking the bag of waters

• Use natural induction techniques first if necessary to induce or speed up labor

• Use the lowest dose of Pitocin possible if artificial induction is absolutely necessary

• Have an undefined, unhurried time to labor – even if in a latent phase/dilation not increasing

General labor procedures:

• Please do not suggest medication, Tzigane knows what is available and will ask for anything she feels she needs at the time she needs it.

• Allow Tzigane to eat and drink as long as possible

• We would like much freedom to move about, try many positions and use a birthing ball and the shower and/or tub to ease pain (if available)


We would prefer:

• To avoid an episiotomy UNLESS Tzigane risks a clitoral or urethral tear

o Pressure episiotomy w/o medication if necessary

• To be free of time limits on pushing, to try many positions

• To be free to push as I feel the urge to, not as directed by nurses or doctors

• Perineal support with warm washcloth; naturally slow down pushing to allow perineum to stretch


We would like to:

Hold the baby immediately after birth on stomach w/blanket; breastfeed ASAP

• Wait until the umbilical cord stops pulsing (mostly) before it is cut if possible

• We would like for Joshua to be allowed to cut Zephaniah’s cord

• Deliver the placenta unassisted and avoid Pitocin after birth.

Postpone all newborn procedures until ONE HOUR after birth

o We choose to postpone the Hep B vaccine until first pediatric check-up

o Including eye ointment

• Drink orange juice to replace fluids and raise blood sugar, potassium levels.

Have the first bath and all newborn procedures in the room and delayed until after feeding.

• Have 24-hour rooming-in with the baby.

Please avoid all artificial nipples (bottles, pacifiers) at all times.

• If Zephaniah must be taken from room for any reason, then Joshua is to be with him at all times

• Prefer to have baby placed on Tzigane’s abdomen for temperature regulation instead of warming lamps/unit

Cesarean Sections

If C-section needed for well-being of baby, I would like:

• Husband present at all times

• To be conscious

• To have immediate contact with the baby if he is in good health

• To have a mirror present if possible so that Tzigane can watch the birth

• To be able to have our own camera in the operating room for pictures


We would like:

• To bring music

• To be as quiet as possible

• Lights dimmed

• Camera (our own) in delivery room

• Husband and wife together at all times; other visitors only with permission

• We would like for Zephaniah to be circumsized, please have someone contact us about the procedure as soon as possible


Like I told my delivery doctor when we met and discussed my birth plan– my main goal is to have a natural, unmedicated birth with as little unnecessary intervention as possible.  However, I do know that at times things are medically necessary to ensure the well-being and safety of myself and my baby.  As long as I am informed about why something needs to be done and have the opportunity to be a part of the decision making process as much as possible I am good to go.  However at the same time I do think that as much as possible the doctors and nurses should follow my wishes and desires for my labor and delivery.

I did love when we told me that he had been present for a birth where the mom was kneeling backwards holding onto the headboard when she delivered so as long as there were no complications I could deliver in whatever position I felt most comfortable in!  That made me smile. So I think we will be just fine!


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