Baby Update~ 34 weeks 4 days

Well, I have made it a week further in this pregnancy! YAY!  At least 2 more weeks and baby boy can come whenever he wants.  So off to Columbia again for yet another weekly check-up.  I am glad that I get to see my little guy every week and make sure things are going well but I tell you it is getting old having to drive there every week.  But I will do it as long as little guy stays put.

So of course we started out with looking at little man on the screen!  Not even born and already a star, lol!  Got to see how squished he looks in there, that is usually what I think of during the ultrasound.  That and amazement that a little miracle has been growing inside of me!  Got to watch him play around a bit and do his practice breathing.  Today they did his biophysical profile, which basically means they measured everything to make sure he was growing ok.  All the measurments were good and he is estimated to weigh about 5 lbs 15 oz, which puts him in the 85% percentile.  Again Dr. Grant said he was a good sized baby but not too big!  I got to thinking that if he gains the average 1/2 pound per week that they estimate and I have about 6 weeks till my due date that means he could gain at least 3 more pounds before he is born which would put him at almost 9 lbs! Ok, that freaks me out a little bit considering that would be twice the size of Micah and 3 times the size of Sarai!  Fluid around baby measured at 20 I think and the nurse said that was good.

My blood pressure was a little on the high side when first take, it was 130/90, so they planned to take it again later in the visit when I was more relaxed.  Later it was only slightly less but Dr. Grant wasn’t concerned about it since there was no protien in my urine and my relexes were all good.  So no pre-eclampsia worries (at least at this point) which is good!  My weight was 245 lbs, not really sure what it was last time, would have to go back and look.  Total weight gain this pregnancy is about 21 pounds which is pretty good!  It might not have been as much but these last two weeks I seemed to have really started craving ice cold milk and even more so if it is strawberry!  Milk and peanut butter and jelly sandwhiches!  So I am sure that did not help the pounds at all.  Most of the weight still seems to be concentrated on the belly area and looks to be mostly baby.  I do think I have started to gain a bit in my face but others have said they don’t see it.  So I don’t know.

Then we moved over to the NST room, which as I have said before I LOVE!  The recliners are great, especially for tired mommas-to-be!  And the nurses don’t even mind if I sleep (or snore) while I am there.  Of course sleeping does make it hard to count babies fetal movements.  I did fall asleep today too, but only once that I know of.  Everything was good, Zephaniahs heartbeat was typically between 140 and 150 bpm, normally hovering around the 145 mark.  His movements were good.

Then I got my third to last P17 shot! Yipee!  Didn’t hurt too bad this time, but man did it bleed!  I couldn’t believe how much it had bled when I removed the bandaid!  After my shot I went back in and talked to Dr. Grant for a little bit.  He felt that everything looked good, told me to keep an eye on babies fetal movements and to let them know if he doesn’t seem to be moving as normal.  He reiterated that the fluid level was good.  The he said see you next week and sent me on my way!

Then I got to go over and meet with my delivery doctor, Dr. Bredeman.  He was very nice.  And didn’t look at me like I was a crackpot when I handed him my birth plan.  I told him that basically it was a list of my wishes and the things that I desired to happen during my labor. However, I am not niave and I do realize that things happen and sometimes even go wrong, so I was also open to changes that would need to be made.  Simply my birth plan boils down to this:  It is my desire to have a natural, unmedicated birth with as few interventions as possible and to be informed of all actions and decisions before they are made and to be in on the decision-making process.  He was very receptive to that and even discussed a few things in the plan that he didn’t see any problems with.  His main concern is my hemoglobin tends to run low, so therefore there is the possiblity that I could need a blood transfusion after delivery but he said that we would just play it by year and see how it goes on that account.  His only other concern was that I would have to have the hep-lock in place before delivery in case it was needed to start an iv during delivery due to complications.  Which I am fine with as long as I don’t actually have to have an iv started already.  Mainly this is so that I can move around unrestricted.  I think I am going to like him and be pleased with his job of delivering my son.

I will post my birth plan another day for you to read if you want.  Of course I am sure that some will not get it and have something to say.  But really it doesn’t matter because this is what I (and my husband) have chosen for the birth of our son.

And no picture today because it is really blurry and I am not sure you would even be able to tell what it was without me telling you.  Sorry!  I do need to have Josh take another picture of me soon though since I am not a week past where I have previously been!  Or as Dr. Bredeman said, “you have now gone were you have never gone before!”  I said true and laughed and he said “congratulations!”

I did think today that I have been telling Zephaniah that an October 31 birthday would be cool, but I got to thinking and I am now telling him that November 11 would be even cooler!  Don’t you think it would be neat to have the birthdate 11/11/11?? I do!  But that would mean we would have to make it to 38 weeks 5 days and I am not sure if I can hold out that long!  But ultimately it is not up to me anyways, so whenever God decides its time is fine!


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