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Baby Update~ 33 weeks 4 days

Well, at this point in my previous pregnancy I was giving birth to a 4 lb 9 1/2 oz, 19 1/4 inch long baby boy that we named Micah John.  He came into the world at 6:15 am on a Monday morning after a week long stay in the hospital because my amniotic fluid sack had developed a small high leak the week before and they were concerned that I would go into labor anytime.  I had already been dilated to  2-3 since about 22 weeks and this was at least my 4th (maybe 5th) hospital stay, and the longest.

However, this pregnancy things are looking good still and as far as I know I have not started to dilate yet.  Really there have been no checks (which is a good thing), so if I am dialted I wouldn’t even know it.  But I am ok with that.  I haven’t really had any contractions that have done anything.  I am having them but they are not consistent or regular, so I would say they are just BH contractions (practice ones!)  Zephaniah finally turned head down at the last appointment, which made momma a vary happy girl. However, the other day my belly was rolling around and I told Josh that I was afraid he might have turned back over.  Josh said there is nothing to worry about.

But of course he was right! Figures! lol  Zephaniah is pretty much straight up and down in line with my belly button, head firml down and ready to go!  At least that is how I think of it.  He had both of his arms up behind his head and I think one foot was up there too.  It amazes me the postions and poses they can get into while in the womb, like little Houdini’s.  He gave us one good kick during the ultrasound that the nurse was not expecting. She even commented that he almost knocked the wand out of her hand!  It was pretty funny!

Headed into the NST and I fell asleep again and started snoring! Josh was making jokes about there being a bear and then a buck in the room! He thinks he’s pretty funny!  Didn’t really have any contractions and there was very little movement from Zephaniah at first.  Towards the end he started to move a little more, so that was good.  A couple of times he must have changed positions because his little heartbeat got so much stronger and louder; Josh and I just chuckled.

Dr. Grant came in and said things looked good.  He then proceeded to tell me I had 3 more weeks of shots, but who’s counting. Of course I said I am! And he laughed becuase he knows how much I can’t stand the things.  We talked about how I have been feeling more pressure, mostly when I go from sitting to standing and he said as long as it goes away when I sit or lay down then it was fine.  He is adament that I am going to make it to 37 or 38 weeks, but like I tell Zephaniah most every night I will be glad to go to 36 weeks, maybe even 35.  But we will see!

After the appointment, we stopped at Bass Pro so that Josh could look at some deer hunting stuff.  I am not sure if it was the walking I did but on the way home I had a couple strong contractions and even one or two in my back.  But things had calmed down by the time I got to Macon, so I think we are good.  So until next week there you have it.  We didn’t really get any good pictures of the baby today so hopefully next week.  Especially since the will be doing another biophysical profile. And I will be meeting with one of the delivery doctors, so that should be interesting.  Guess it is time to actually get my Birth Plan typed up and have it ready to present!


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