Baby Update~ 32 weeks 4 days

Wow, 32 weeks 4 days!  Some days I can’t believe I have made it this far and I am so thankful that God has allowed me to carry Zephaniah to this point.  Our prayer has always been for a longer pregnancy and for Zephaniah to be as healthy as possible when he is finally born.  Of course the doctor is still convinced that that will be about 39 weeks I think.  Me, I am jsut praying for the end of October, which would be about 36 to 37 weeks and I think a fine time to have a baby!  I have always wanted a September baby but since that means this little guy would have to come tomorrow I think I can wait til I have another baby for that!

I have been having some contractions, more than I had been although my husband doesn’t believe me. He still says I am making them up, especially since I don’t usually have them during my NST.  But I think that is because I tend to experience them mostly in the envenings, from like 7 pm and on.  The thing is I don’t think they are doing much as far as I can tell.  And sometimes they will change or stop if I get up and move around some.  However, both Josh and I did think I would be waking him up in the middle of the nigh a few nights ago to head to the hospital but it didn’t happen.  I was so uncomfortable, was having contractions off and on and some other weird and unusual sensations.  But all was well by morning!  Its funny because when you read information about laboring it usually says something like if you can walk and talk through your contractions they most likely aren’t the real thing.  The reason I find it so funny is becuase I have been able to talk and even laugh during mine up until the final minutes of the baby coming.  I think that is one reason most of my nurses found it hard to believe I was actually having them and in labor!

So off to Columbia we went this morning to see how baby is doing.  And everything looked great!  The best part of the entire visit for me was the fact that Zephaniah is now head down! YAY!  And I am praying that he stays that for at least another 4 weeks and then is born!  Of course I know that babies can turn a couple of times in their last weeks but  having him stay in the breech postion the closer to our due date is just too nervewracking for this momma!  The rest of the ultrasound looked great as well and everything measured like it should. So we are good in that area.

The NST went fine.  I did have one very large contraction and then another that was big but not as big as the previous one.  However, I really didn’t feel either of them so they didn’t concern the doctor (not my usual one this time).  Blood pressure was in the normal range, although the bottom number was again a little high for me.  Weight was fine, although I am now at the heaviest I have ever been at 240 lbs.  Which means I have gained 16 lbs this pregnancy, with around a pound being added since my last weigh-in on Sept 15.  So one pound in a 2 week period doesn’t seem too bad.  One of my favorite parts of this visit was when the doctor asked about the babies name and then commented that it seemed we liked Biblical names so she was curious as to what we chose for this one.  She even asked if we planned on calling him Zeph.  Which I am sure he will get called and that is fine with me.  Although I am not a big nickname person, or at least other people calling my kids by nicknames. Because I do have nicknames I use for them.  But since Zephaniah will be a mouth full (or as she put it a big name for a little baby), I think I am ok with him being called Zeph.  The other favorite part of the visit was when she looked at my belly and told him he needed to stay put for at least another 4 weeks! I had to laugh because that is what I am telling him a couple times a day!

Well, I think that is all for today.  Other than the fact that it is National Coffee Day so of course I had to have josh stop at Starbucks and pick me up a Pumpkin Spice Latte! It was yummy!


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