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Naming The Baby

Most of you that are friends in real life or on Facebook know that we have chosen the name for our little guy and have been telling anyone who has asked since about 20 weeks, when we also announced that we were having a baby and what the gender was!  But I figured I would share it with my blog readers and also maybe a little background on how the name was chosen, when it was chosen and what it means.

As many of you know, we will be naming out little boy Zephaniah John when he enters this world (which is within the next 8 weeks!).  I absolutely love the name and am the one tha chose it.  Getting daddy on board took a little longer.  Here is the background.

When Josh and I first were married we discussed how many children we would like to have.  Of course while discussing it, we were both open to God giving us more or less and the possibility of adoption was also discussed.  Adoption is something that my husband and I have been open to since the beginning regardless of whether we could and would have biological children.  Anyways, as we discussed it was thought that 4 children would be great.  And although we didn’t really care what gender the four were, we sat down and came up with 4 names for those children, 2 boys and 2 girls.  As you know, we have already used 2 of the 4 names and in about 2 months will bestow the 3rd name on our newly born son.

I really wanted my children to have names that would be their own.  Not that I didn’t think that naming them after someone in the family would be great but as you know I have an unique name that I wouldn’t trade for the world now.  Really there are only two criteria when it comes to the naming of our children; their first names had to be Biblical names nad they had to end in the ah sound.  I know that second one is a little weird but if you know our names (or after you read them here) you will understand.  So the names we came up with where Sarai (pronounced Sarah) Rayne, Moriah Lael, Micah John and Zephaniah.  Now you will notice that Zephaniah has no middle name attached to it.  One of the reasons is because from the beginning my husband wasn’t fond of the name and really tried to persuade me to choose something else.  But I LOVED it and there was no changing my mind.  And the second reason is because I wanted him to choose the middle name and I think he thought that if he didn’t choose a middle name then I would relent and choose a different first name!

And honestly, I thought I was going to have to change it all the way up until the day of my 20 week ultrasound where we would find out the gender of the baby.  But that morning while driving to the doctor’s office we were discussing names and my husband agreed that we could name him Zephaniah (if it was a boy) as long as his middle name was John.  I said yes and was happy as can be!  In my mind, this little guy has been Zephaniah since before I had even conceived my first child!  And as I am sure you may have picked up on is the fact that both our boys now have the same middle name, John.  It is their daddies middle name and he has decided that he would like all of his boys to have John as their middle name.  And I am ok with that.

The thing that I find so great is that Zephaniah actually means “God has hidden” or “God has protected”! I love that!  Many of you know that my first two babies were born early after lots of pregnancy complications and while they are both happy and healthy children today, those were scary times!  I like to think that God knew that this little guy was not only going to be desperately wanted and a total and complete shock to his parents but that this pregnancy would be as close to a normal pregnancy as could be!  I am only 32 weeks and while Zephaniah could come anytime, I really do think we is going to stay put for a little while longer.  But it has been so amazing to see so far how God has protected him during his life inside of my womb!

I do have to say that I am also prepared for my children, probably Zephaniah more so than the others, to go through a time of not liking their name and not liking me for choosing it for them.  But as I have found when I got older, I appreciate my mom giving me a different and unique (or weird) name.  I absolutely love my name and wouldn’t change it for the world.  Of course if you had asked me when I was 14 or 15, the answer would have been different.  I really do believe that as my children grow older, wiser and in their faith in Christ that they will come to appreciate their names and the heritage that is behind them.


Sarai Rayne- Hebrew for “Princess or Noble”

Micah John- Hebrew for “who is like God”

Zephaniah John- Hebrew for “God has protected”

You may be wondering what happens if when we have our fourth child it is not a little girl.  Well that means that Moriah gets saved for our next girl and we choose a different name.  Actually, we have another boy name picked out and waiting just in case.  Jeremiah John!  After that I am not sure, so I guess it would be back to the drawing board!


One thought on “Naming The Baby

  1. This is such a great way to explaiin the name of your unborn son. I just happened upon your blog and read your last couple of posts and I have to say, God Bless you. You are truly a child of God and I look forward to reading more about you and your family!!
    Bless You!!

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