Baby Update~ 31 weeks 4 days

Another week, another drive to Columbia for a doctor’s appointment!  Really I don’t mind the drive there and back so much since I get to spend this time with my hubby, usually alone, and have some good adult conversation.  You know– those things that you can’t or don’t talk about in front of your kids, no matter how little they are.  Because really, you just never know what they pick up on and what will come back out of their mouths and when!

So today was more of the usual routine.  First up was the ultrasound which is always fun to have, or at least I think so.  I love getting to see my little guy and watching him.  Today he had one arm crooked behind his head like he was laying on it.  Instantly I though of the way that both Josh and Micah will sleep sometimes with their arms behind their heads.  He was little bit of a wiggle worm today as well.  They also measured him to get an approxiamate weight for him.  He supposedly weighs about 4 lbs 1 oz, which the doctor said is big but not too big and is in about the 70% percentile.  However, as I know from Sarai (who was estimated at 6 lbs and was only 3 lbs) the ultrasounds aren’t always accurate.  But I do think that he is a pretty good size and since I haven’t been having any major contractions or other complications I think we are going to get in another couple good weeks of growth.

After the ultrasound, we went over to the NST room and got hooked up to the monitors.  And I slept off and on throughout the entire time!  And I snored!  I am so glad that no one really said anything about that.  But in me defense, those chairs are just so dang comfy, plus I don’t sleep well at night since I get up at least 2 or 3 times to go to the bathroom.

After the NST, I got my shot.  Only 5 more of those to go! YAY!  I get to stop taking them at 36 weeks since at that time if I go into tlabor they will just let me go and we will have a baby.  That has been my goal all along, 36 weeks although Dr. Grant is looking at further than that as his goal.  We will see!  After my shot, Dr Grant came in and we talked for a few minutes, he made sure everything was going ok and let me know he will not be there next week and that I would be meeting with Dr. Martin again.  Which is fine with me.

Then on the way home, I got a special treat for my birthday~ Starbucks! Yummy!  And then I got to go to Hobby Lobby for a little bit.


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