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Maternity Pictures

So today we are headed up to Eagleville Missouri to have maternity pictures taken by Thomsen Photography.  This will be my first time having them taken with any of my pregnancies, so I am kinda excited and kinda nervous at the same time!  I was really kind of freaking out the other day because I really had no idea what I should wear, if I should take an extra change of clothes, what my kids should wear, nothing! So I emailed my sister, Autumn, (who is part of the amazing Thomsen Photography duo!) and asked her all my questions.  She was great and emailed me back quickly to help me calm down and plan.  I really have a hard time having pictures of myself taken, I am not a fan usually.  So I am really hoping that I can relax enough and feel comfortable enough that they turn out at least half-way decent! LOL!  I am sure I have nothing to worry about, especially after you look at their amazing work!

Of course I had to buy some things for the family for the photo shoot and although I didn’t go exactly with the suggestions given, I am hoping that what I picked out for everyone looks ok together.  And I think I did pretty good since everything except for one shirt that I bought was one clearance and I didn’t pay over $3 for any of it!  Thats always a bonus!

After having the pictures taken, we are going to hang out and eat dinner with them and their family.  I love hanging out with them and wish that we lived closer so that it could be a more frequent occurrence.  We always seem to have a lot fun and laughs as well as some great conversation.  And the kids usually have a good time too!

So check back soon for some of my pics (hope they turn out good!) or links to preview them!


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