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Baby Update~ 30 weeks 4 days

So off to Columbia we went again today for another check-up with Dr. Grant.  All in all it was more of the same.

So I was getting ready to go when the phone rang.  It was Josh, which immediately made me wonder what was up since he was out running and doesn’t usually call during that time.  Seems while he was out running, two little coon hound pups decided to follow him down the road.  He was afraid that they would also try and follow him out on the highway and end up getting hit.  So he wanted me to come and pick him and the pups up.  I do have to admit that they were super cute.  And they were well taken care of so I didn’t really think someone would have just dumped them but we didn’t know anyone close by that owned hunting dogs.  So we took them home, fed them and then locked them in the garage while we headed to Columbia.

At the dr’s office, we went in and I had to be weighed and have my blood pressure taken.  Then over to the ultrasound room for my weekly ultrasound.  Got to see Zephaniah being silly as ever, man he is a mover and does some pretty silly things at times.  Had no trouble getting in his required fetal movements but had to wait a little bit to see him do his practice breathing.  That is always fun to watch.

After the ultrasound, we moved over to the room with the big comfy recliner so that I could have my fetal monitoring done.  I love sitting in the chair and usually comment that I need one in my house.  It is so comfy and this week I actually fell asleep in the chair!  Not really asleep I guess, more like dozed off. Of course it was my own snoring that woke me up!  The heartbeat was fine, got in enough fetal movements and I didn’t have any contractions that I felt or that the monitor picked up.  So that is a good thing.

Then I moved over to another room, got my weekly injection and then moved back to the comfy chair room.  Dr. Grant came in and talked to us.  At first josh and I thought maybe something was up because of the way he came into the room and then just sat there for a moment like he was trying to think of how to say something.  But then he went into asking me how I was feeling and if I was feeling the baby move as much as usual. I told him no and he said that was because of his growth and the shrinking space and that the movements were going to be more subtle now and I might have to really concentrate on feeling them.

The we talked about the fact that Zephaniah is still breech (we’s been there for at least 4 weeks now!) but Dr Grant assured me that since he had been turned head down once that he would get there again. I expressed this was a concern to me because I am so not wanting a c-section.  He proceeded to tell me that there was only about a 1% chance that Zephaniah would be born breech and then went on to say that he understood that my apprehension to a c-section was probably because it was a surgery and most people didn’t like not being in control during that time.  I told him that it wasn’t so much the control thing, well really thats not it at all actually, but it is the needle thing!  I hate needles, absolutely dread getting shots, giving blood, or getting my finger pricked.  Since I typically so feel so much anxiety just doing those things that I am not sure I would be able to even remotely handle having one stuck in my back!!  So please pray that this little guy ends up turning head down and stays that way until he decides its time to be born!

After that we were done and Josh took me out to lunch! YAY! I love to eat.  We went to Macaroni Grill, which was my choice.  But I really should have chose Olive Garden or somewhere else.  We got a fried mozzarella appetizer that was so yummy, I could have eaten the entire thing by myself!  And the we both got Pick 2 combos with their Creamy Mushroom soup, which we both really liked. It was so good and had a little bit of a kick to it. YUMMY!  Josh went with fresh green salad and I went with Carmela’s Chicken.  Mine was not that good really.  It was lukewarm at best in places and kind of dry.  I think maybe if you ordered a regular portion it might have been better.  But as a Pick 2 portion, it wasn’t that good.  I should have went with the Roasted Turkey sandwich that I had planned on getting.  But the chicken was supposed to have a creamy marsala sauce on it and I really wanted to try it.  And really that was only because while at Chris and Sarah’s wedding we has a Chicken Marsala in a creamy sauce it was delish and I really wanted it again!  Oh well, better luck next time I guess.

We did get a cute picture of Zephaniah from the ultrasound but I forgot to take a picture of it with my camera, so I will have to post it at a later date.  And sorry, no baby bump picture this time either!


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