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Baby Update~ 28 weeks 4 days

Some days it seems that time is just flying by and then other times it seems to be dragging along!  Today I start my weekly visits to the doctor! Oh joy, I get to drive to Columbia once a week, an hour trip each way!  But that is what the doctor feels is best right now so that is what we will go with.  Here is the obligatory baby bump picture, enjoy! I personally think both of the pictures taken were ick but wanted to share at least one with you.  Maybe I will have Josh take another one later today or tomorrow.  And actually this picture was taken at 27 weeks 4 days.  So I might be a bit bigger now.

So before heading out to todays appointment I went ahead and  packed my hospital bag to take with me.  Although I still have 2 weeks from today and 5 weeks before having either of my babies I wanted to be prepared.  With them I had no bag packed or anything with me and it was horribly boring!  So I figure I might as well take stuff with me and that way it also saves Josh a trip!  But I didn’t need it.

Blood pressure and weight both looked good.  I think it said 232, which means I am up 8 pounds total for the pregnancy so far. Not too bad if I say so myself, especially with all the junk I have been eating lately.  I am kind of a lazy eater which is not good. But when I get hungry I pretty much just eat what I can grab or fix real fast instead of taking time to make somthing that is good for me.

We did a NST (non-stress test) today which I was not planning to do.  But it wasn’t bad, I got to sit in a big fluffy recliner while hooked up to the fetal heart monitor and the contration moniter. I could have fallen asleep but had Micah with me and he was being a little pistol! Man can that little boy test me!  Before hand I had had an ultrasound i which they meaured little guy and his fluid.  He wasn’t moving much so the tech kept waiting and then she used a “baby alarm clock” to wake him up.  That made him jump a little but still not much.  So during the monitoring wouldn’t you know he started moving all over the place and my nurse had to sit with me for about 10 minutes to get the heart rate monitor to stay on him.  Good thing, it said I was not having any contractions.  So although I am (and even the dr said I might be), they are not major ones and that is a good thing! YAY!

Also had to do my glucose test which I didn’t count on.  I was really hoping that they had forgotten about it and we would get to skip it this time around! No such luck!  However it is not usually the initial one I have trouble with.  If I remember correctly my first one came back high with both the others and then I had to do the 3 hour test! Yuck!  Really am hoping this one is fine so guess I will find out tomorrow when they call. Please Lord let me pass!

Then I got my weekly injection, hurt like the dickens!  After that we met with the doctor, not my normal one but his partner.  She was nice, asked me some questions, felt my belly and then we were done!  All in all, a good appointment.  Now to do it all over again next Thursday!


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