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Baby Update~ 27 weeks 4 days

Another weekly update for you!  I am going to try and post updates weekly but they might only be every other week too, just depends on if I have much to share or not.


First up, here are two baby bump shots! I hate taking my own picture so I am so not loving these shots. Yuck.  And I think I look huge and I am only 27 weeks! Oh my goodness! Of course at the last 2 or 3 ultrasounds, Zephaniah has been measuring about a week ahead.  And I know it is not that my dates are off, so I think he is just growing well! I hope you enjoy them because I certainly do not!

For this update, I thought I would do something different.  I am going to share with you some of the things that I take during this pregnancy.  All of these have been recommended or prescribed by my dr.  Maybe I should tell you a little about him first.  Finding a doctor in Missouri was a bit of a challenge for me.  Not only have I never used an OB in Missouri since I have given birth to both of my children in Pennsylvania.  But I also was not sharing with the general public that I was expecting so I didn’t really know who to ask about doctors.  And I had to find one that would accept my insurance.  So I did end up asking a couple of close friends that I felt comfortable asking and felt like they wouldn’t share our secret with anyone.  But most of the ones they suggested were not covered by my insurance.  So I got a list of ones that where and went from there.

So here is who I went with. I like him and have enjoyed all of my prenatal visits so far. Of course that might change, because I found out that he will not be in the office for my next visit and I will be meeting with his partner. I am a little apprehensive about this as I was planning to discuss my birth plan with him and not sure if I want to broach that with a doctor I am seeing for the first time.  Guess I will have to written and ready to go just in case.  And it really is a good idea to have a copy for them anyway so no matter who ends up delivering my little guy they will know our wishes.  What about you, did you write a birth plan? Follow it? Throw it out the window? Think its a waste of time?  Tell me!

Dr. Mark Grant has practiced maternal-fetal medicine in Columbia, Missouri since 1993. In 1996 he founded the Center for Maternal-Fetal Care, now located within Women’s Wellness Center. Over the years, Dr. Grant has had the pleasure of serving thousands of mid-Missourians, providing fetal diagnostics and ultrasound, and caring for those with high-risk pregnancy. The Center for Maternal-Fetal Care has earned a reputation as a center of excellence due to the over-riding philosophy espoused by Dr. Grant: “I believe every effort should be extended to each woman to obtain the very best outcome for her and her unborn child.”

Dr. Grant works especially hard to assist mothers in reducing risk of premature birth, the biggest problem in obstetrics today; and recurrent pregnancy loss, a heartbreaking and devastating situation for families. On these fronts, Dr. Grant and his patients have seen excellent success. He has developed programs to reduce risk for all pregnancies, believing a proactive approach is best. He encourages strategies to lower risk prior to pregnancy and during pregnancy, whenever possible.

Dr. Grant is an office-based physician, available for high-risk pregnancy consultation for any patient who is pregnant or contemplating pregnancy. He can co-manage prenatal care with your regular obstetrician, or he can provide complete prenatal care for you, partnering with one of our general ob/gyn physicians for your delivery.

I specifically chose him because he is a high-risk doctor.  And since I have had two preterm babies and one miscarriage, I figured that I would be a good candidate and benefit greatly from his expertise.  And like I said, so far I love him and his office!

What I don’t love is all the stuff I have to do and take.  So today I am going to show you all the pills I have to take.  First up is my Synthroid, taken once a day every day.  Supposed to be taken in the morning on an empty stomach but that doesn’t work for me as it makes me sick.  So he told me to take it at the same time everyday with food or not; basically whatever works for me and doesn’t make me sick! Yay!

Next up we have my non-prenatal vitamins! I call them my non-prenatals because they are not an actual prenatal that I take but they are different vitamins that are considered essential in pregnancy.  I am glad for that because I have a hard time with prescription and most over the counter prenatals in the fact that they make me sick and I usually end up throwing them back up.  So instead I have to take several different pills to get the vitamins that my doctor (and I) feel are essential.  First up we have my Vitamin D3 pills.

I get to take 4 of these little guys every day! Thankfully they are small so they don’t bother me too much. Usually I take two in the morning and two at night, but if I forget I can take all at once.  And they have no flavor so thats a plus too!  Then comes my Baby Aspirin (81 mg).


I only take one of these little babies a day! And really I wouldn’t mind taking more because I got the orange flavored chewable ones (although i usually just swallow them) and they don’t taste that bad.  The reason I take these is because I have a condition that causes my blood to clot to fast and has been known to lead to early pregnancy loss and preterm labor and births.  Next up is my folic acid.


I take one of these little guys a day. Not bad considering everything else I have to take in a day!  Next up are my Omega-3 Fish Oil pills.  These bad boys are quite large!


Now that picture is not the exact ones I take, but they are similar.  The main difference is the fact that mine are bigger than those pictured!  Plus mine are only 1000mg per capsule, I have to take 2 of those bad boys everyday so I usually do one in the morning and one in the evening!  The good thing is that they are not fishy tasting or smelling like some I have tried in the past.  So that is the end (I think) of my non-prenatals!  I feel like I am forgetting one but don’t see it sitting here so maybe not.  Maybe I just take so many that it feels like there should be one more!

Here are a couple of things that I have had to start taking lately.  First up is Benadryl.

I developed a nasty rash around week 21 that lasted until oh lets just say recently!  Yeah, it is still lingering although now I don’t really have to take the Benadryl unless it gets really bad.  And I can usually get away with one dose a day, instead of the one does every 6 hours, sometimes 4 hours, that I was taking!  I am just so glad that the rash has for the most part went away! It was horrible.  And of course the only thing my OB and my regular doctor could come up with was I must be allergic to something in my environment! Oh gee, that helps.  But I just chalk it up to one of those weird pregnancy things!  Next up is Tylenol!  I really try not to take this unless I am really suffering from a major headache (bordering on migraine) just because I don’t really like taking a lot of medicine as it is.

Normally, when I have a headache or worse I take at least 3 and sometimes 4 500 mg Tylenol and have no problems repeating the dose within 4 hours (sometimes sooner) if needed.  However, when I am pregnant I really only try and take 2 pills and wait at least 6 hours before taking any more and then it is usually only 1 pill.  There have been a couple of times during this prenancy that I have taken 3 pills at a time but then that is usually all I have had to take.  Thankfully!

One of my newest additions to my line-up has been Zantac.  I don’t take it on a regular basis.  And the only reason I bought it was because I was told that it might help with the rash (I had not clue it was also a histamine blocker!).  But it did not! Boo!  And then I took it a couple more times hoping that it would actually help with the heartburn that I have been experiencing, but it did not!

So there you have it! I think that is everything that I have to take or have taken this pregnancy. Well, with the exception of my shots!  But that is another post and one that I just can’t wait to share with you.  In case you didn’t pick up on it, I was being sarcastic.  Because in order to share my shots with you I actually have to have Josh give them to me.  And I hate shots!

P.S. I scheduled this post ahead of time because today we are leaving for Wisconsin.  A dear friend of ours, Chris Baker, is getting married on Saturday and we are going!  Hopefully I will have some great pictures and stories for you when we get back. Not only of the rehearsal dinner and the wedding but also of the cheese farm and the Jelly Belly factory that we are hoping to visit!  Please pray for Chris and Sarah on Saturday and also for Josh and I that night because we are leaving straight from the reception at about 8 pm and starting our drive back to Missouri.  We are doing this because Sunday night is a big night at our church, we are voting on a new pastor and both Josh and I feel it is very important for us to be there!  So please pray for our church and Pastor Phil and his family on Sunday!  Just that we will follow God’s leading!  Thanks!


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