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Baby Update- 26 Weeks 6 days

Well, I decided to do another post today although I did one only 2 weeks ago.  I wanted to post because over this past weekend we had a little cause for concern and I ended up going in for an ultrasound on Monday.  I don’t want to call it a scare because most of me was sure things were alright but the closer we got to the doctor’s office and the ultrasound, the more afraid I was that things were not right. Let me start at the beginning for you so you understand.

Little Big Foot!

At my last doctors appointment at the beginning of the month, at the end of the visit the doctor gave me a little 4×6 card.  On one side of the card was “Warning Signs of Pre-term Labor” which I pretty  much knew since I have been there and done that twice before!  So I didn’t pay much attention to it only to note that he said if i had any of them I was to call or go to L&D (Labor and Delivery) immediately.  However what really interested me was the backside of the card.  It was the “Fetal Kick Counting” information.  You see this really interested me because in my two previous pregnancies I rarely ever felt Sarai or Micah move or kick at all.  With Sarai, it was once and Josh had his head against my tummy and she kicked him.  It was so neat.  With Micah it was probably a total of 3 times, the best being when we literally watched him probably roll over, as you could see part of him move from one side of my belly to the other.  And other than that, I never felt them even during the ultrasounds when the tech’s would comment on how much they were moving.  So I never really paid that much attention to the whole Fetal Kick Count thing.

you can see the shadow of one of his legs. both feet were up by his head

But with Zephaniah, I have been feeling him move so much for close to the last 2 months!  It has been amazing and I love that not only have I felt him but so have Josh, Micah and Sarai!  It has been a great experience that all of us have got to have.  Getting to the 4 kicks in a hour count has been no problem with this little guy!  So on Friday I noticed later that evening that I wasn’t really feeling him move much and I was also experiencing a lot of tightening high up on my uterus.  I figured it was because I had been active earlier that day since we had went to Columbia school shopping for Sarai.  However on Saturday and then on Sunday I still realized that I had felt him move only a couple of times and getting to my 4 kicks was taking a lot longer than an hour.  I think at one point on Sunday evening after close to 4 hours of monitoring, I still had only counted a total of 3 movements.    So come Monday morning after eating breakfast, laying to count and then getting up and eating something sugary and trying again, I still had not felt much movement and called the doctor’s office.  And in they wanted me to come.  So at about 11:30, Josh, Micah and I headed for Columbia.

you can see more of his feet/legs in this picture

The tech spent a lot of time taking pictures, watching his heartbeat (which was the most glorious thing in the world to me at that point) and just watching him move.  And let me tell you he was being a big ham!  And still all boy as the tech pointed out!   After she was done, Dr. Grant came in and spent some time talking to me about him moving around and how things were going.  He did a great job reassuring me that anytime I had a concern, no matter what it was, to call the office and if need be they will get me in.  Even if it is for my own peace of mind.  I love when my doctors do this because most of the time after I call, I end up feeling a little foolish for calling and taking up their time in the first place.  One of the best highlights was the pictures we got of little guy.  He gave us quite the show and had us all laughing a great deal which was great since I was so close to tears upon entering the room at the beginning.

Ok, this last picture might be a little freaky for some of you.  It is for me but it is also so neat that I wanted to post it.

little man's eye looking at us!

In reality the picture above has nothing on watching it on the screen, he could actually see him moving his eye around!!  It was kind of wild!


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