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Fun Friday

Well, in a little bit the kids, Josh and I are heading off to Columbia for the afternoon.  I would say it is going to be a fun day but since we are going specifically to shop for Sarai I am not quite sure! She can be a tad bit picky about things so it should be an interesting day at least.

I will come back later and post some freebies and other finds for you but for now you should head on over to apPARENTly Blogging and check out her Fun Friday post.  This blog is hosted by Awana, so you know there is going to be some good stuff for us parents on there! And this post is no exception.  I think too many times as moms and dads we want our kids to live in our world and hurry up and grow up.  So for at least one day, lets live in their world and slow down and be childlike in our actions and the things we do! It won’t hurt a thing and hey, it might even help a strained parent-child relationship!  So head on over and pick out on of her Fun Friday suggestions or come up with your own!

See ya later!


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