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Baby Update- 25 weeks 4 days

I know I don’t usually do a weekly  baby update but I thought I would today.  I do have something else I am going to post later but for now this is all you get! lol!

No baby picture, well at least not yet.  And you will only get one if I let Sarai take a picture of me later today.

Last night was a rough night for me.  I felt fine physically but man was i uncomfortable!  I would actually say that if I hadn’t known better and the fact that there were no other symptoms, I might have thought I was actually getting ready to go into labor and have this baby.  My belly was so tight and kept getting harder.  But little man was moving around fine, no contractions or anything else.  I just couldn’t get comfortable, hurt all over my abdomen, belly and back.  I felt the most comfortable when I was sitting in the recliner or stretched out on the couch.  Sleeping is also getting less comfortable for me.  Not sure how I am going to survive another 12 weeks or more!

And it seems so strange to me that 11 years ago I had a baby girl in 5 weeks! And 3 years ago, I had a baby boy in 8 weeks  I look at my belly and although most days I think I am of elephant proportions big I know there is no way this baby is ready to survive outside of my body and just pray that these next few weeks progress with no complications!  My next appointment is September 1 and I will be 28 weeks 4 days.  And then I start my weekly visits. Oh, how fun it will be driving to Columbia once a week!

Well, that is all for now.  The kids and I are heading outside for a fun (hopefully!) activity.  Will post more about that later, as long as it turns out well!  Or if it flops maybe I will so you our failures! lol!


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