Fun Idea~ Staycation Printables

So did your family take a family vacation this year?  Or are you getting ready to?  Mabye you had wanted to take a vacation somewhere great but the time and/or funds just weren’t there this summer!  Well, its not too late to plan some fun staycation activities! What’s a staycation you ask? It is like a vacation except you don’t go anywhere!  Hence the name, staycation.  It is a great time to focus on the many fun and usually free or at least cheap activities right in your own town or very close by.  Since I live in small town rural Missouri I would say a staycation could possibly encompass the towns within an hour drive from me and possibly up to 3 hours as that would allow us to take a day (or two) trip to a large city near us or even to play tourist in grandma’s town!

Ok, so my definition may not be the same as the official or most others definition of a staycation.  Personally I think that the premis behind it should be that you are focusing on family-oriented activities that don’t cost much or anything at all!  In other words, you aren’t spending $300+ on gas, $250+ on hotels, $150+ on food and snacks, $100+ on suveniers and whatever else you might need to buy just to take your family on a 5 day trip with 2 of those days spent in the car driving!  Of course those numbers are just figures I came up with and will vary depending on the family and where you are going.  I know that this summer we took a trip to Arkansas and I had estimated $320 for gas for the entire trip based on the route figured.  Well our GPS took us a different route, it was much more hilly than planned, we stopped and started way more than thought, and we added 2 or 3 trips to a neighboring town that were not originally planned.  So we added something like another $100 or more in gas!  In short our cheap and fun vacation that I had planned and mapped out ended up costing us probably $200-300 more than estimated!  And yes we had fun but I think we could have found something closer that would have been just as fun and cost us less money.

So in case you haven’t done anything yet or are planning to have one last fun trip before school starts, think about staying home!  I came across this site and her fun Staycation Printables today while cruising the net!  I have to tell you the idea and the printables are so cute and fun and I am sure that your kids would love it. I know mine would!  And I am thinking about using them in the next week or so, just to give my daughter one last fun thing before heading back to school! And of course my 3 year old son will have a blast too as he is really starting to get into pretend play right now!  I also have to point out that I loved her idea for the morning newspaper~ a new book for the kids!  I know this would be a HUGE hit with my daughter as she is a huge reader and we go through books like crazy!

So tell me do you have plans for a staycation?


3 thoughts on “Fun Idea~ Staycation Printables

  1. Hey, Tzigane! Thanks for linking to my staycation printables! I’m honored 😉 We have cousins visiting us this week and are going to turn our house into a hotel again and show them the town 😉 Hope you have with them as well!!

  2. I have been trying to get these printables and I have seen them many times and love them and think that my kids would love this but I can not figure out how to get them. I go to the link and I am lost from there on what to do. Can you Please help me.

  3. Unfortunately it looks like her site is no longer active! So sorry for that! If you search pinterest, I am sure you will find more

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