Baby Update- 24 weeks 4 days

Had my 24 weeks check-up today and I can tell you that little man is doing great.  They estimate that he now weighs approxiamately 1 pound 12 ounces which puts him in the 75th precentile and his heartbeat was about 141 bpm.  They didn’t say it again this month but the measurement notes on the screen put him at 25 weeks 3 days, so he is still measuring about a week ahead of what we think I am.  Here is a new picture of him for you! We only have pictures of his face today.  Not sure why she didn’t take as many as they usually do.  But there were some great images of him one the screen.  He had his feet up by his head and was trying to grab them with his hands.  It was so cun and cute to watch!  He is so active, can’t imagine what he is going to be like when he is born!  Enjoy

All of  my vitals looked good, blood pressure was good.  Weight was said to be good but I think that I need to start watching what I am eating again.  This appointment I weighed 228 lbs, which puts me about at only 4 pounds gained so far.  But that means that I have gained roughly 8 poiunds in one month! I guess I really shouldn’t eat those Oatmeal Creme Pies (the big ones!) or the Swiss Cake Rolls as often as I have been!  And I really need to start drinking more water and not so much of the sugary stuff.

I was also informed that I need to start doing fetal kick counting, which will be so new to me!  With Micah and Sarai I rarely ever felt them move so I never had anything to count!  But with Zephaniah I have been feeling him move like crazy!  It has been so neat, espeically when Josh was able to feel him move too!  So I will star that this evening, which I have already felt him move/kick the 4 times in the 20 or so minutes it has taken me to type this so we are good!

We left the doctor office and went to look for running shoes for Josh since he is needing some new ones.  After we found a pari (finally) at Dick’s we decided it was time for lunch.  There was a new (to us) place in the same shopping center as Dick’s called Jazz A Louisiana Kitchen that sounded good so we decided to try it out.  The food was pretty good, worth going back for.  They had beignets so we decided to get some for dessert.  They also were good, but I liked the real ones I got in New Orleans better.  They were lighter than the ones we got at Jazz, but these were still good and hit the spot.

As we were leaving there, I realized that they had forgotten to give me my weekly Progesterone shot and the ones that I would need to get me through until my appointment next month.  I called the office and left a message hoping that they would get back to me before we left Columbia so I wouldn’t have to drive all the way back down to get them.  So we went and wasted time at Best Buy (for Josh!) and then went over to the mall to Target and Motherhood (for me!), but they still didn’t call so we headed home.  Spent way more time in Columbia than planned but it was a good day.  And I guess when I have to go back next week I can take Sarai with me and pick up her school shoes, maybe some clothes and the few supplies she still needs.  So hopefully it won’t be too much of a wasted extra trip.

Only one more monthly appointment to go and then I start having to go WEEKLY!  Not sure I am looking forward to driving to Columbia and back each week but we will do what needs to be done for this little guy!  Oh, and before I forget here is my baby bump picture for this week/month.  Not sure I really look pregnant in it, maybe just a tad bit fat but it is what it is.  I think I will change my shirt to a different one for here on out because it clings better and gives a better impression of my belly.


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