Ionia Free Fair

While we were in Michigan we were able to attend the Ionia Free Fair.  This is a pretty good fair and usually has lots of rides and fun things to, plus a ton of FREE things such as music, booths, samples, etc.  And its free to get in, just have to pay parking which isn’t bad at $6 a car.  I think one fair I went to last year it cost me $15 just to get in and then I had to still pay for rides and such on top of that.   The only downside, while I guess one of them, was that I forgot to put sunscreen on myself and Micah.  And while Micah didn’t seem any worse for the wear, I got badly sunburned on my face, neck and shoulders.  It wasn’t the worst one I have had so that was a plus but I still felt really bad that my little guy got sunburned mostly on his face.  But then by the next day it had already started to disappear and turn into a tan so I am thankful for that.  But it was a good reminder for me in the future!

Anyways, we had a great time.  Here are some of my favorite pictures from the day.


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