Michigan Vacation- Family Reunion

So every year, Josh’s mothers side of the family holds a reunion in Ionia, Michigan.  When we lived in Pennsylvania we were unable to go to many of them due to the time constraints and Josh’s job duties.  However since moving back to Missouri 3 years ago, we have been able to attend every year.  Most of the time we have camped out at his cousin Kelly’s property but this year it was just going to be way to hot so they had decided to stay at his Aunt Linda’s the entire time.  I was not planning on going because I am our churches VBS Director and our VBS was running July 25 to July 29 and they were not returning home until July 26 in the evening.

Josh, his mom and Sarai were scheduled to leave for Michigan on July 21.  As of noon on July 20th, I had not planned to go or to send Micah (as he said he didn’t want to go without mommy).  About 1 on July 20th, Micah decided he did want to go, so I started packing his clothes.  A little while after that I got a phone call from the lady that was helping me with VBS telling me that she felt that I needed to go spend time with my family and that she would be able to handle things for me until I got back.  So around 2 pm on July 20, I not only had to finish packing Josh and Sarai’s stuff but I now had to get all of Micah and my stuff packed for a 6 day trip.  And on top of that I had to have EVERYTHING ready to leave in her hands for our VBS that was kicking off on July 24!!!  Now, anyone that knows me knows that when it comes to packing for a trip, I am a planner! I make a list of everything that each person in the family needs to take with them and check it off as I pack it; usually starting at least 3 days before we leave.  So the short amount of time and the rushing plus the not having a list for everyone really left me feeling like I was forgetting things.  But I am glad to report that the only mishap we had was that somehow Micah ended up having only 4 pairs of underwear for a 6 day trip and normally I take about 3 times the amount I think I will need.  And wouldn’t you know it, he did fine traveling and had not accidents, but the first full day we were there, he went through 3 PAIR OF UNDERWEAR! So I had to go to Meijers and buy him a pack of underwear; which was not a big deal as it seems like he is always needing more underwear.

Here are some pictures of the first couple of days.  I will post some more tomorrow from when we went to the Ionia Free Fair.  Enjoy!


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