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Baby Update- Horrible Rash!

The last few days I have had this horrible rash over my body.  It isn’t every where at once but it starts in one area and then moves to the next.  It is horribly itchy and painful.  The worst areas are the palms of my hand and the bottoms of my feet.  They hurt so bad and have little knots all over in them.  Also my left arm is the same size from my elbow to the bottom of my thumb and then my pinkie, ring and middle finger are all swollen.  On my right hand the same 3 fingers are swollen so bad that I can’t even make a fist.

I called my OB and they seems to feel it is an allergic reaction to something in my environment and have suggested I take 2 Benadryl tablets every 4 to 6 hours to see if that helps.  Also they want me to see my family doctor just to make sure it is nothing more serious.  So I have an appt later today to do so.  But I am miserable!


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