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Baby Update- 20 weeks 4 days

I am 20 weeks and 4 days today. Still no real baby bump pictures, sorry.  I have pics of me on here in past recent posts so maybe you can check them out and see if you can tell!  I promise I will have Josh start taking a picture of me on the morning of my doctors appointments for sure and maybe each Thursday morning.  I am debating if I should wear the same outfit in each picture (at least for as long as possible) so that it will make it more noticable as the weeks pass.  What do you think?

So off to the doctor we went.  Today Sarai and Micah were both supposed to go as we were planning on finding out the gender of the baby.  But at the last minute Micah decided to go grocery shopping with grandma instead and Sarai wanted to stay home.  So it was just Josh and I today.  The appointment went well.  They mesaured my cervical length again today and it was like 57 and still super tight.  YAY, praise the Lord!  Praying it continues along that trend!  It was so neat to watch the tech find and measure all of the babies different body parts.  We did find out the gender, but that is another post! Sorry for the delay!

My stats are
Starting weight- 224 lbs
Weight today- 220 lbs
So still at -4 lbs gained

Here is a pic from today, thought I had scanned a couple more but must not have. I will have to do that and post them.   Come back in a few days to find out what the gender is!

taken 7/7/11


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