Good Times, Good Food, Old Friends and New Friends

On Monday, Josh and I traveled to Kansas City to meet up with an old friend, Chris, who was in town for business with the organization that he works for.  We had planned to leave Macon around noon but by the time we finally met up and did all the extra running we needed to I think it was closer to 1 or 1:30.  The drive was nice and I love having the few hours with just my husband to really talk about things.  It is so nice, even the silence is nice, and I am so appreciative of my mother-in-law who watched our children for us to give us this time.

So we got to KC about 4 pm and drive down to the Convention Center so we would at least know where it was.  Then we decided to drive around for a while, finally deciding to go to The Plaza because Chris wasn’t going to be done until about 5 or so.  Finding The Plaza was hilarious!  We finally found it after driving all over the place but by the time we got there we had to turn around to get back downtown to pick up Chris!  So we decided that if he was ok with it, that is where we would go and spend our evening.

So we picked up Chris and his fiance, Sarah.  Oh, did I forget to mention this was the first time we were getting to meet her! Well it was, and she was a beautiful girl both in her spirit and looks.  Chris is one lucky guy, but I do think they complement each other very well!  I often think about how it is neat that God chooses our spouses for us and how each of the people in a marriage typically complement each other.  And also how God knows who we need and how because of our “wiring” we wouldn’t match up very well with someone else’s spouse.  Anyways, back to the night at hand.  So we met Chris and Sarah out front of their hotel after finally finding a parking spot that we weren’t going to have to pay $5 or more to park for just 10 minutes!  However, Josh did waste a quarter after I told him that it would only give us 30 minutes. He just had to see for himself! Silly boy!

After we picked up Chris and Sarah, we all decided that we would go back down to The Plaza for the evening.  We parked and walked around for about an hour or so.  There are so many shops down there and Josh and I can’t wait to go back just to walk around and go in so many of them.  We really did have the time to really explore this night, so we chose one shop to go into. Panache. Doesn’t it sound like a fun little shop.  It was and let me tell you they had some very yummy and fun looking chocolate creations in there!  Their prices were a little high on some things (in my opinion, but then again I am cheap!).  We ended up buying some chocolately caramel popcorn stuff for Jane for watching the kids, some chocolate bacon for us to all try and a couple of European Truffles for me.  Jane really liked her popcorn.  We all tried the Chocolate Bacon, everyone kind of liked it but me. I could barely even choke down my little piece.  But they did agree it was something you couldn’t eat a lot of.  I do think if it had been a piece of regular bacon I might have liked it  more, but it was a piece of thick, hickory flavored bacon.  However, Micah loved it and would’ve eaten the whole bag in one sitting if I would have let him!

After the store, we walked around a little bit more checking out all the places to eat before finally settling on P.F. Chang’s.  Josh has been wanting to eat at one for about 5 years now but as most of you know living in rural Missouri doesn’t allow many eating choices! We had thought about eating at a Brazilian Steakhouse because they are supposed to be good. But the prices were a little too rich for our blood that night.  For the dinner buffet it was like $43 per person!  The lunch prices were about half that, so Josh and I are tentatively planning on eating there when we go back for the day!  We shall see.  But I really enjoyed our meal at P.F. Chang’s.  If you have never been I urge you to go.  And if you do go, you should really do the Chang’s 4 course meal, since you will basically get soup and appetizer for free and save on your dessert.  The dishes are decent size and they are served so that you can share them among your table if you like.  I personally ate all of mine myself, except for like 3 pieces that Josh ate.  But if we go again with the family, I think we will share what we get.  And the desserts are amazing!  We got the Great Wall of Chocolate and oh my gosh, talk about chocolate code overload!! It was so good but Josh and I got the larger portion to share (you have your choice of two smaller individual desserts or the larger portion) and left a small amount behind we were so full!

So, since my camera died the week before I had no way to take pictures. Well, I guess I could have used Josh’s cell phone if I had wanted.  So here is a picture of Chris and Sarah that I snagged off of his Facebook account! Thanks Chris!  And congratulations you guys! I can’t wait for the wedding!


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