Baby Update- 12 weeks 4 days

Prewritten with delayed publishing

Well, today I am 12 weeks 4 days and I have another doctors appointment.  Now that they are on more of a schedule, I have one about every 4 weeks and that will continue for a while unless circumstances change which in my case could be at anytime.  But we are hoping and praying for a healthy and LONG pregnancy!  My last appointment was about 2 weeks ago and at the appointment before that they did A LOT of blood work- 17 vials to be exact!  So at the last appointment, I had to start on some new medications, one being synthroid which I take once a day preferrably in the morning although it makes me sick.  The other was heparin.  I guess one of the tests came back with my being positive for Antithrombin III which basically means that my blood clots too readily.  In pregnancy this can lead to early term miscarriages and also early preterm births.  I am so not looking forward to this as it means that I (actually Josh) have to give myself 2 shots each day!  But hey, I get to pick from my stomach or my thighs! That is not a good thing as far as I am concerned.

Since I didn’t keep good track of my stats until just this appointment, I am going to give you a rundown
Starting weight- 224 lbs (yikes!)
Weight #1- 216 lbs
Weight #2- 218 lbs
So for this pregnancy so far I am at -6 lbs gained!  Thats not bad since I was a tad(!) bit on the heavy side as it was.  Some of this is probably in part to the new eating plan that I am supposed to be following.  Basically no carbs- no bread, no potatoes, no sugar and no oils or fats!  I have been eating scrambled eggs for breakfast every morning and chicken for lunch and dinner every night, sometimes fish.  And also add to that the fact that I have not really felt like eating at all and have to make myself eat.  I am really hoping to stay in this weight range for my entire pregnancy as I have a lot of weight that needs to come off and really don’t want to add to the work I am going to have to do after the baby is born to get rid of it!

So for now, here is a picture of the little one!

taken 5/12/11


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