The Accidental Haircut

I know, goofy title.  And really the haircut wasn’t accidental but the shortness of the haircut was!  Seriously I about started crying after I made the first pass with the clippers.  That is how bad I realized it was at that moment.  But let me back up a little bit so you get the full story.

Up until this point, Josh and I have been very intentional about really only trimming Micah’s hair as we both like it a little longer.  And besides the one unscheduled and unapproved haircut that he had, the child has never had anyone other than momma and her scissors touch his hair.  So about a month ago, I thought that it would be nice to be able to use the clippers to trim up his hair and make sure it is mostly even.  So about a week after this thought entered my head, I started preparing him for the use of the clippers.  First I showed him what they were like when they were off and then I would run them through his hair while they were off so he could get a feel for them.  Then I would turn them on and let him listen to them.  Then I let him feel them on his hand while they were on.  He wasn’t afraid of them until I tried to put them through his hair on then he would scream.  Let me make sure you understand, I have NEVER used clippers for a hair cut ever in my life.  I have used them to even up the back of Josh’s hair but other than that I have no idea how they work.

So I thought I just picked out a large numbered guide, plopped it on the clippers, turned them on and ran them over his entire head and VIOLA nice, even hair!  So thats exactly what I did . We first started off with him saying he wanted his hair cut out of the blue. I told him I would use the clippers and he said ok.  So we headed to the bathroom and I picked out #5, plopped it on the clippers and turned them on.  I made a small swipe through the back of his head and thought “thats not too short”.  About this time Jane (grandma) came into the bathroom to see what we were doing.  So I thought here we go and buzzed a strip off the front and top of his head! I about DIED!! OH MY GOSH IT WAS SOOOO SHORT!!!

Jane says to me “well, you gotta finish it now. And it will grow back!” So not what I was wanting to hear.  I really just wanted to hit rewind and then skip this genuis plan of mine!  So she asked me what size guide I had on and I told her it was #5 and she asked me how long that was.  I had no clue!  So I looked and it said 5/8″. WHAT??? 5/8″!!! OH NO!

So I had no choice but to finish it.  And I don’t think I like it.  I want my baby boy back; he looks so grown up and so much like a little boy.  This will probably be one of the last times I use the clippers on his hair, at least until he is old enough to tell me he wants it short and really know he does.  Daddy hasn’t seen it yet and I think he is going to flip out! OK not really but I think he is going to be shocked.  I did try to warn him but there is no warning for this.

So here is a before picture in case you need a refresher! This picture was taken on September 17, 2010.

Here is the after pictures.  This was taken today, September 23, 2010. Its not a very good or flattering (please excuse the boogie nose!) picture.  I will have to take more later to show you when he has been washed, dried and styled (what little styling I can do!).


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