Gryder Family Get Together

So my brother, Gabe, and his wife and son, Amy and Mason, came to visit all the Missouri family in the beginning of August.  The last time that I had gotten together with my brother was last August, which doesn’t seem like that long ago.  But I am not sure if I had ever really spent time with Amy (had met her once) and I had never met Mason.  It was nice to get to see them.  Mason is the same age as Sarai, actually he is about 2 months older than her, and their cousin Ryan (my sisters son) who is the same age as well!  We had a good time hanging out at my dads and enjoying everyones company.  Here are some pictures of the siblings and their spouses.  I wish that I would have thought to get a picture of Sarai, Ryan and Mason but I totally wasn’t thinking.  Oh well. Maybe next time.

My dad and my sister Hannah (the 4th child).

My sister Autumn (the oldest) and her husband Allen.  They are talking to Amy about trip stuff.  Its not a great picture of them but for some reason I didn’t get a picture of just them. Hmm.

My brother Gabe (3rd oldest), his wife Amy and son Mason.

My sister, Ashlee (the 5th child) and her husband, Jesse, and daughter, Riah.  Doesn’t Riah’s pose crack you up? She is so stinkin cute and Micah loves playing with her.

And my baby sister, Tessa and Sterling, her partner, and their precious little one, Bentley. She is a doll baby! Can you believe this is the only picture I got of Baby B the whole time! Probably because I spent so much time holding her while she slept! I could have sat there for days just holding her.

I also have two brother that are younger than Tessa but I didn’t get their pictures that day.  Jacob and Canaan were too busy messing around outside and play Halo in the back bedroom for me to get them. Actually this is my brother Jacob; he is sitting in between my dad and Ashlee.

Here are some random pictures of the day.


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