MEC Annual Meeting

Ok, this may sound odd to some of you but one of the things that I enjoy about living in the country is that our electricity is supplied by an Electric Co-Op and every year they hold their Annual Meeting.  I know that doesn’t sound like much but they also have a dinner, lots of giveaways, little activities and prizes plus some great entertainment and a Queen contest.  I always get excited when this time of year rolls around and we start getting reminders about the Annual Co-Op Meeting and Dinner!

So here are some pictures from our time spent at the Co-Op dinner.  As usual the food was delicious! I enjoyed the BBQ Pork more than the Beef, and I don’t like the baked beans but love the coleslaw! Which is unusual for me as I typically don’t like coleslaw at all.  And every year I forget that I don’t like the beans but love the colslaw and every year I get a spoonful of both.  And Josh and I laughed at how every year I say the same thing, “oh yeah I don’t like the beans and next year I am getting double coleslaw.” Because I never remember!

One of Micah and Sarai’s favorite activities was the Balloon Artist.  Sarai asked for a Teddy Bear and I was really surprised when he whipped one out no problem for her. I had never seen a Teddy Bear done before.  And since Micah wouldn’t even look at the guy, let alone talk to him, I made the decision that he wanted a Sword for him.  The little imp wouldn’t even take it from the guy.  But he had a lot of fun with it afterwards and was upset when he popped it.

The 4-H Clubs always sell ice cream for .50 a scoop and Micah and Sarai love it!  I am not sure about Micah’s face but it is pretty funny.  We had to get them there own after they tried sharing one (that didn’t work!).  They sat and ate their ice cream while we watched the Queen contest.

Here are a couple more pictures of Micah and his ice cream! They were just too cute not to post.  I plan to do some editing of them, but these are straight out of the camera. Enjoy!

This is my favorite one! Can’t wait to do some editing on it and really make his eyes pop!

He was loving the ice cream! And as you can see in the last picture, it was HOT out there!


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