Can I just offer a bit of advice here; when your loving husband comes to you and says “will you be/do the ______?” don’t wait for him to finish his sentence just turn and run, run fast!!!

I am just joking and my hubby knows that.  I know that if he asks me to do something it is because 1. he really wants to know if i want to do it (and it is something i am interested in) and 2. he believes that i can do it.  And I also know that he will be just fine if I say no to him.

So when Josh was the Interim Children’s Pastor (his position has now changed) at our church sometime around January, I think, he came to me and asked me if I wanted to be the Vacation Bible School Director (that is how far behind I am in posting!).  So I told him that I would need to think about it and pray about it.  I have done it before but I knew that it would be a large undertaking for my in our current church.  But I finally said I would do it.  I know, I am out of my mind.

Really it wasn’t all that bad.  And what was bad about it was my own fault.  I tend to take on too much and try to do it all myself.  I really needed to delegate more and in the future I will certainly try to do that.

But when it was all said and done and Monday night was over, I was so relieved and I could see the light at the end of the tunnel.  Tuesday through Thursday nights went pretty smoothly and even Monday was ok after the initial hour and the little mix-up we had with the schedules.  Friday night was really crucial for me.  It was the night of the swim party, which we ended up having to cancel due to the weather.  And it was the night of the program; which meant that I had to actually get up on the stage and talk to all the parents that came! Needless to say, I was terrified.  Ok maybe not terrified but I was so nervous that I actually had to leave the room for a few minutes before I was to go on stage because I was starting to get emotional.  But I made it through it and everything went fine.

We had a really great week and everyone seemed to enjoy it, from the teachers and helpers to the kids and parents.  There were a lot of nice compliments, but I know that without the support of a couple key people, it wouldn’t have went off like it did.

So I want to say thanks to:
Josh- thanks for everthing. You are my rock and without your support there is so much I wouldn’t be able to do.  I love you
Kyla and Nikki- you guys did great! thanks for taking on the planning and running of the block party. and for taking on the duties of teaching also!
Tricia- thanks for being you! you made me laugh and helped me see the absurdity in things! so glad you are a part of my life!
John and Michele Snider- you guys rocked the Worship Rally! thanks so much for everything!


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