Tony’s I-75 Restaurant

This is a post that has been about 2 years in the making!  Because it has been at least two years since I first learned out Tony’s and have realized that it was only about an hour from where Josh’s family lives in Michigan!  We wanted to go last year but circumstances didn’t allow for it, so I was determined that I were going this year.  Even if I had to drive over by myself!  But it didn’t come to that and I think the whole family enjoyed eating there.  Next time, we are just getting desserts!

I got the BLT because that is what first drew me to Tony’s and the item (one of them) that has made them well know.  It is a POUND of bacon alone!  And it is good! I loved it, although I did only eat half of the sandwhich and probably only a 1/3 of the bacon if that.  I had a lot leftover and it was even good the next day.

This was Nathan’s face when he saw my BLT!

Just joking! I think he was talking to Josh at the time I snapped the picture.  Not really sure why I even took the picture in the first place.  But it is a funny one!  Jane ordered a Rueben and it looked delicious.  If I hadn’t been set on getting the BLT for the past 2 years, I would have went with the Rueben.

Sarai and Micah both go the kids Chicken Strips and fries.  They were pretty decent sized strips.  They gave Micah two and Sarai got three.

See that guy at the table behind Sarai?  He orderd a burrito and I am not joking, the thing was as about as wide as my calf and as long as my forearm!  IT was HUGE!

Nathan ordered the Nachos.  It was very large as well! They were pretty good, I tried them too!  Of course he had quite a bit left over!

And this is Josh’s sandwhich. Can’t remember what it was called but it was basically a Rueben without the sauce and added cheese of some sort.  It tasted good too (I took a bite!)

See that paper there in the left corner of the picture? That is actually the menu, they are pretty neat.  We also ordered Onion Rings and they were pretty good too.  I really liked the place and would recommend it to anyone going through the area.  Next year when we go, we are going to eat earlier in the day elsewhere and then get dessert there! They have a banana split that uses a GALLON of ice cream!! I can’t wait!


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