Michigan Trip

**Warning** Another long post with lots of pics (more than 40)!

Well it is that time again. The time of year when we load up the car and head to Michigan for a family reunion on Josh’s side.  It is usually a pretty good time for all of us.  We typically camp, sight see, hang out at Josh’s Aunt Linda’s and go to the Ionia Free Fair.  However this year is a little different since we have to cut the trip short because I have to be back to finalize plans for VBS. I am the director this year (that is another post!).  So we are staying with Linda a couple of days, camping, and making a day trip to Frankenmuth and Birch Run.  Here are some pictures and a recap! Enjoy!

On the way to Michigan, we had a little excitement.  There was an accident on the interstate that at the time we couldn’t see or were aware of.  All we knew was that the vehicle in front of us went from 70 to nothing in a few seconds time.  Josh also locked up his brakes but realized that he wasn’t going to get stopped in time, so he started to steer towards the shoulder in order to avoid the van in front of us.  Well, that is were the accident that had happened previously was at! So then he had to make a split decision who to hit, and decided that van was the better of the choices.  So he started to steer back that way. However at the last minute that van actually sped up a little bit and by God’s grace, Josh was able to steer into an area between the accident vehicles and the white van.  It was all very surreal and happened so fast.  But it scared me!  We also hit a piece of a semi tire that had blown out at some point during it all. Here are some pictures of the damage the tire did. Not bad.  In the first picture, it is a crack in the front fender. Its kind of hard to see but it is to the far left and bottom.  And you can see some of the black marks.  In the second picture, you can kind of see a couple places in the tire were it chewed it up.

And when we were finished with dinner and were getting ready to get back on the road, this pulled up next to us! It was pretty cool. Not sure I would choose the color myself, put if someone wanted to just give me one!

We arrived at Aunt Linda’s on Thursday night and got settled in.  Then the next morning, we headed out to the property to get everything all set up.

This is how Sarai helped get things set up. lol!

We had fun setting up and watching some of the other campers arrive and get set up and then just hanging out and eating dinner.

The kids enjoyed playing and swimming.

They even caught a little crawdad and wanted to eat it!  So Josh obliged them by cooking it for them!

Later that night, we sat around the campfire telling stories, roasting marshmallows and making smores.

Saturday was the Reunion. Not quite as good a turn out this year as the past years but it seemed that this time was a busy time for a lot of others in the family.  We had a lot of fun and enjoyed the time spent seeing everyone again. I actually have NO pictures of the reunion, can you believe that!! Hmm, I thought I had taken at least a couple even if they were only of my kids! Oh well!  Sunday morning, we had a small little service at the property. We sang a few songs, Josh preached a short message (he did a good job!) and then we all ate breakfast.  After breakfast, we cleaned up and then headed into Aunt Lindas for the night.  Jane and Linda decided to head out to see their Aunt Catherine and the rest of us went looking for ice cream. We ended up driving clear to Grand Rapids for ice cream. Then we went to the mall for a little bit and then out to eat.

On Monday we got up and headed over to Frankenmuth to go to Bonner’s Christmas World and then walked around the town a little bit.  It was a lot of fun.  Here are some random pictures.  Sorry no commentary but we are running long here! lol!

The last night we were in town, we went for ice cream with Aunt Linda.  It was a great little place and reasonably priced too.  We all enjoyed our selections, even Micah!

The picture of just the hand and cone is mine! That is the flavor that I get everytime we got out for ice cream in Michigan.  It is Travese Bay Cherry Fudge (or something to that effect) and it is so yummy!


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