Coming Home

Well, this morning we left for Missouri.  We decided to take a side trip, and stop at Chocolate World in Hershey PA.  We had all been there one other time, except Micah this was his first time there.  It was a fun little stop, except for the part where I lost Sarai’s Nintendo DS.  I am not sure what happened but I either picked it up and set it on the roof of the car and forgot or it fell out and I didn’t realize it.  Anyways, we didn’t even realize that it was really gone until about 2 hours later when we stopped at a gas station and for lunch. Opps! I guess she might get the DSI that she has been asking for after all.

Back to Chocolate World– (be on the look out, there is even a picture or two of me in here! gasp!)

Micah really wanted the gear that they filled with Hershey Kisses but Daddy said no.  Instead, him and Sarai got to fill a bucket with assorted Hershey chocolates, including Kisses and Peanut Btter Cups which are two of Micah’s favorites.  Plus Micah got a cute little yellow hard hat and Sarai picked out a small Reeses mug for her sovinier.  I got to keept the bucket that the kids filled with candy and it says Hershey on the side plus a pack of post cards.  We also bought a small Chocolate World Christmas ornament for Josh’s mom.  I really wanted that 5 lb Hershey bar that Sarai is holding but it was $40!!

After Chocolate World it was one to our hotel in Dayton. Once again we were staying at the Drury.  We ended up stopping for dinner though because we knew we weren’t going to make it for the Kick Back time. But we did get there in time to go swimming.  Then the next morning it was up, pack, eat breakfast and hit the road.  We did take time to take a family picture.

We kind of skipped lunch, which was my fault. I thought we were closer to Springfield Il than we really were so we had planned to eat a late lunch/early dinner combo but it turned into a late meal altogether.  We had to get snacks at a gas station we ended up being hungry.  Also Micah ended up having an upset tummy, blew out of his diaper like 3 times and had to be completely changed. One of the times we actually got stopped before the worst of it and I held him on the side of the road while he poo’d.  It was a mess but thankfully by dinner time he had seemed to get over it.  We stopped in Springfield at Checkers.  It was a pretty good place to eat.  We got dessert and it was yummy!  Good food all around! Enjoy!

Ever wonder what children do in the backseat when they are left to themselves and are real quiet? And then every now and then you hear little giggles coming from back there?  This is what my children do, could be worse!


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