The Taskers, Alex’s Graduation and Old Friends!

This post is long and has lots of pictures (around 30ish)! Just preparing ya!

Well, we arrived in Reading/Birdsboro Pa around 6 pm.  It was kind of interesting seeing how things had changed and how they has stayed the same in the 2 years since we moved away.  Some of the changes were ones that I had hoped would have been done when we were still living there.  Like the Target, Chik-fil-A and Sonic now 5 minutes from house! Oh well, guess that is life!

Anyways, for our visit we were planning on staying at the Taskers house for 3 days.  In case you don’t know, Alex is a young man that started coming to the youth group while Josh was the youth pastor at Exeter.  One night after youth group, he told Josh that we wanted to accept Christ as his Savior and he has really never looked back.  He started bringing his friends and witnessing to them, after a couple of months he got involved in the WOL program and started competing in the Preaching part of Teens Involved.  Watching him grow and his love and hunger for God were amazing.  Him and Josh have kept in touch since we moved and Alex is a special young man to Josh.  So going back to watch him graduate from high school was never a real question (just the logisitics of it).  Alex’s parents, Tom and Lisa are great parents. In addition to Alex, they have two more boys Randy and David, who are also growing into fine young men.  It was so nice to get to see them all again and visit and laugh with them. I am so appreciative of their friendship and their hospitality in letting us stay with them and disrupt their lives for 3 days!

So the night we got there, we kind of just hung out and relaxed.  Then Friday was the day of Alex’s graduation.  Everyone was so busy and lots of things to take care of.  We headed out to get some wipes for Micah (running low!), a gift for Alex and lunch.  Alex ended up joining us for lunch and the trip to the mall.  We ate at Chik-fil-A, which we don’t have in Missouri and we all love! Even Micah enjoyed it, I think it was his first ever visit to a Chik-fil-A.

After eating, we headed out to the mall to try and find a gift for Alex.  It was a little weird, since he went with us! lol! But we did it!  I had really wanted to try and find something a little more dressy for the graduation ceremony that night but ended up not having enough time because we had to get back for dinner at the Taskers and finding and waiting for the gift took longer than we thought it would. While we waited for dinner to be ready, the kids played outside and inside.  Then we went out and took some pictures before heading out to graduation.

Before heading to the ceremony, we had to drop Sarai off.  She was going to visit her best friend for the night while we were at graduation.  She had a great time and really didn’t want to leave their house.

While she was visiting her friend, we were at the ceremony, which was way too long! It drug on forever but it was worth it, especially for the graduates!

After the ceremony, we headed outside where all the graduates would be meeting their family and friends.  We got to see some of the teens that we had had in the youth group over the previous years.  It was great to get to see them and talk to them (there were more than 2 but that is all I got good pictures of).

Micah did great during the ceremony considering how long it lasted.  Of course it may have helped that daddy had his cell phone and the diaper bag was filled with snacks.  Although we did run out of juice and I was afraid he would get upset at that but he ended up falling asleep instead!

Then we headed back to the Taskers house to hang out for the night.  On Saturday the kids played in the morning and Josh and I got ready to head over to visit with some old friends of ours.  I was so excited and couldn’t wait to see them!  Brandy and her husband Mike have 4 kids.  Christian, their oldest, and Sarai are the same age and went to preschool together for 2 years.  In the time since we had moved away, Brandy has given birth and I couldn’t wait to see the baby!  Beth and her husband Dan, also have 4 kids–all boys!  Their oldest, David, attended the same school as Sarai and I had him in my library class and loved him! He was so funny and grown-up.  Beth had also had twin baby boys since we had moved and I couldn’t wait to see them too!  We had a great time hanging out and talking, eating yummy food and catching up on each others lives. And I loved holding all the babies!  While us “women folk” talked and the kids played outside and in, the guys played video games!

We had to leave around 4 pm because we were meeting with some other friends and then we had to be back to the Taskers by 5:30 for pizza   and some of the guys were coming over to hang out with Alex and Josh.  I really didn’t want to leave and could have stayed for several more hours.  I wish the trip could have been longer and we could have gotten to see more people.

Here are a couple of pictures of Josh hanging out with some of the guys from his youth ministry in Pennsylvania. And of course they had to get in a goofy one!

Here are a few parting shots of Sarai, Micah and David.  We were getting up the next morning to head home to Missouri!


One thought on “The Taskers, Alex’s Graduation and Old Friends!

  1. what an awesome time we had in PA. It was great hanging with some of the teens and just goofing around with them. They had grown up so much in 2 years.

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