Heading to Pennsylvania

Well, I knew we planned on it but I think some part of me didn’t think it would really happen.  Or if it did happen, it would just be Josh going.  But the whole family loaded up and headed to Pennsylvania in June for Alex’s graduation.

So we left Missouri and the weather looked like this:

I was starting to think that we were not going to make it out of town before seeing a tornado.  But we did.  For the hour trip to the Missouri/Illinois border we enjoyed a lovely lightening show.  Some of those bolts were amazing! We finally got ahead of the storm around Pekin, Il and then by Chatam we were ahead of it.  We stopped in Chatam at Gander Mountain so that Micah could get out and stretch his legs and run.  The rain caught back up to us then.  But we still stayed ahead of any bad weather.

We stopped overnight in Dayton Oh at the Drury Inn there.  We absolutely love Drury Inns!  The offer an evening Kick Back that is basically like free dinner!  Almost every time we have stayed at one we end up getting the chicken strips, baked potatoes and nachoes.  Which is great because our kids eat!  The rooms are always nice and have a fridge in them! Which is great when you make a almost 10 pm Cheesecake Factory run!

After we arrived at the hotel, we went down and ate dinner.  Then we went back upstairs and got ready to go swimming for an hour or so.  Micah was excited to go swimming and then when we got down there he didn’t want anything to do with the water!  Josh and Sarai loved swimming under the wall that separated the indoor part and the outdoor part.

After swimming, we ran to Cheesecake Factory and got our yummy desserts that you see above! It was an interesting trip because they were doing road construction on the way to the restuarant.  So it took us like 45 minutes to get there because we took the wrong road! Thankfully we have our GPS to help us!  And then it took us like 15 minutes to get back to the hotel.

The next morning we got up and headed to my dads! See you tomorrow with that post!


One thought on “Heading to Pennsylvania

  1. What great pics! .. and now I’m STARVING for the Cheesecake Factory! 😉

    visiting from inCourage.. so nice to ‘meet’ you today!

    ~ ~

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