Happy Birthday Baby Boy!

Today is my little man’s birthday! He is a whopping 2 years old and it is amazing how much he has changed in just the last year let alone the 2 years he has been alive!

Just a note- he really wasn’t sad in the second picture, not sure why he is making that face! But its still cute!

I will be back later with all the pictures from today!  Should be a lot of fun as we go out and take his 2 year old pictures, then later have cake and open gifts!

On a side note, I want to tell you that Josh and I went to visit some friends (Wade and Emily) who had their baby (Caison Gabe) on Monday.  He is such a little doll baby and looks a lot like his daddy.  But he is doing well and hopefully they will come home today.

Well we had left Micah home with Jane (josh’s mom) while we went for the visit.  When we came home, it was a disaster.  Josh’s neice, Rachelle, had decided that while we were gone Micah was hot so she cut his hair!  Now, this may not seem like a big deal to most people.  But moms know that for one, the first “real” hair cut is something we like to document and keep momentos of.  Well not this time.  Not only did she cut his hair, but she specifically cut it all off in the back!  I was really sad and upset but Josh was so mad at her.  We were letting it grow out on purpose, one because I like it long and two because we were planning on taking him after he turned 2 to get his first big boy haircut.  I felt like crying (almost did and still do!) when I saw it.  I am still a little sad about it.  So today, before we do any pictures I have to try and even it up in the back and then trim the front and sides (which I am so not good at!).  She just should have known better.


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