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Nathan and Whitley

Last night was Nathan’s (my nephew) Senior Prom.  Don’t really know a whole lot about the nights except that his date what Whitley.  And that he had to leave our house around 2:30 to go to her house.  Grand March didn’t start until 8 pm but he needed enough time to get to her house (30 minutes from us), take pictures there, drive back to our house (30 minutes), take pictures here, drive to the restuarant in Kirksville (about 45 minutes), eat dinner (at least an hour), drive back to Macon (about an hour from the restuarant all in time to arrive at least 10 minutes before Grand March started! WOW, that is a lot of running around.  Plus on his way to Whitley’s he had to stop in Macon to pick up their flowers (which turned out great!).  A couple weeks ago when she was out here at the house she commented that the blue in some of the peacock feathers was the same blue as her dress.  So I suggested to Nathan that he should have peacock feathers used in their flowers.  And he did; and it looked great!

So here are a few pictures, I will probably post more on Facebook for them.

Don’t you just love the peacock feathers? I think they look great, I especially love the eyelash feathers in Nathan’s boutonniere. I think their blue color plays very nicely off his black jacket.

Just a playful shot. I don’t think Nathan was too into this one.

Same shot, just edited different.

Don’t you just love her dress! I thought is was so pretty.

Her pretty shoes!

Aren’t they cute?

And last but not least, my favorite one. I really liked how this one turned out.



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