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Sarai’s Turn

Ok, I think sometimes I tend to focus on or do more with Micah than I do with Sarai.  And although I know it is not intentional on my part, it still happens.  And is a natural thing, I am spend pretty much 24 hours a day with this kid.  While Josh and Sarai are at work and school for 8 hours, it is me and Micah. So it makes sense he is more prominent in my pictures and blog posts.

But I never want my beautiful, smart, compassionate and silly little girl to think she is not as important or special to me as her brother is.  No one will ever take the place of my first-born princess. She is a ture miracle and blessing.  So here are some pics of her on our little photo shot the other day.  Enjoy!

And I know this last one isn’t of just Sarai but I couldn’t resist posting it. I love the picture, not really because it is a great picture (its really not!) but because of Micah’s little hand clutching his sisters arm! That is just precious to me!

P.S. Hey Josh, I found something that Old Blue is great for…. a prop for taking pictures! LOL!


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