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More of Micah

I know, I know, I post so many pics of my little guy! But it is because he is just so stinking cute! Well that is not really why I post them but it doesn’t hurt anything.  I take pictures of just about everything so of course I am going to have an abundence of Micah because he is with me the most.  I am sure as he gets older there will be fewer and fewer pictures.

So we played out side and I got some really great pictures of him.  I think this one is pretty good straight from the camera.

Can you believe that I only told and showed him once what to do in order to set this shot up and he did it perfectly.  In fact this is the second time he did it because he was so fast the first time.  I actually told him to hold it right there and he stopped until I snapped the picture! What a great little guy!  Anyways, although I love this picture just the way it is, I had to play with it.  So here are variations on it; enjoy!

Gotta go, the storm is moving in and I need to shut down the computer! Have a great weekend and see you next week!


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