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A little over a month ago our Lead Pastor announced his resignation to our church.  It was a very sad time for our church as we absolutely love him and his family.  However, it was even sadder for our family because of the relationships we had developed with their family.  Not only was he our Lead Pastor but he was mentor of sorts to Josh during the last two years.  And he had become a very close friend that Josh could go to with anything.  And he had been Josh’s boss on different occasions. I was sad for my husband that someone so close to him, a relationship that he had longed for for years and had finally gotten, would be moving away.  Granted close enough to stay in contact and maybe visit, but still gone out of his immediate, day-to-day life.

I was sad for myself too.  Michele (his wife) and I had become close friends.  The things that we had in common and that brought us together were not what kept us together.  Yes we both had small children and yes both our husbands were pastors.  But there was something deeper holding out friendship together.  I don’t know how to describe it but we just clicked.  It was so easy to hang out with her and talk, about anything.  It was something that I have missed having over the last two years.  And while some would think it would be hard for me to open up and let someone close to me after the last two years, it was not.  Michele was so easy to talk to. And just be with, even when there was silence between us it was good.  No pressure to be something we are not.

But I think the saddest part of the whole thing and the ones my heart aches for the most are Micah and Maya.

Maya is Tim and Michele’s youngest daughter (for now!) and her and Micah are about 3 months apart in age.  But they are the best of friends and are always talking about each other.  One of the first names outside of the family that Micah learned to say was Maya.  He is always asking to “go see Maya”, doesn’t really matter what day it is he wants to see Maya.  Lately it has been hard for him because when we go to church on Sundays he is so excited to see Maya and doesn’t understand why she isn’t there.  But the great thing is that we got to spend two whole days with her lately.  We all had so much fun hanging out.

On Friday, Josh and I took Micah and Maya to Columbia. We went out to eat at Cracker Barrell for a brunch sort of meal.  Josh and I had breakfast and Micah and Maya shared a chicken strip meal. Of course I left the camera in the car, so I don’t have any pictures from the meal.  But they both did so well sitting and coloring until their food arrived.  It was also good to have Maya there because Micah decided that whatever she was doing he wanted to do also.  So he ate really well.

After Cracker Barrel, we headed over to the mall to hang out for a while.  We got a double stroller and then headed to Target to look around.  After Target we headed over to the play area.  Maya loved playing on all the toys while Micah really only played on the slide.

They both were a little unsure of the slide at first but after the first time going down they were fine.  It is a pretty steep incline and it is slick and fast too!

For some reason, they both decided that sitting on the bench next to me was a fun thing to do.  We had to shoo them off the bench to go play.

Micah decided that he had enough of the play area after about 20 minutes and he went and sat in the stroller while Maya continued to play.  She was having a ball. She loved to go inside the helmet and just sit there.

After the play place, we walked down to Mr. Bulky’s and got some licorce laces that I needed for a VBS Snack that I was making for my VBS Preview Day on Sunday.  After Mr. Bulky’s we decided that we had better head for home because Michele had to leave around 3 to go meet Tim at a church where he was preaching a revival.  So on our way out, he stopped by the carousel for the kids to ride.  Neither of them were real thrilled at first and they absolutely did not want to sit on any of the animals!  So we sat on a bench and by the time the ride was over both of them were loving it.

On Monday, we got to hang out again! And we had a lot of fun this day as well even though it was raining and we couldn’t go to the park like I had planned.  Instead we went to Wal-Mart! It is close to the same thing, right? Anyways, we had fun getting a few groceries and a couple pair of pants for Sarai.  On our way out, Micah wanted to “ride”, so I had to go out to the car and see if I could scrounge up 50 cents.  Thankfully I found two quarters.

They started out sitting next to each other with Micah on the outside of the ride.

Then Micah decided he wanted to be the only driver, so he sat on Maya’s lap.  She didn’t seem to mind at all.

And finally they ended the ride with Maya on the outside.  Then neither of them wanted to get off.  It was kind of funny because on Friday when we had them only one person asked Joshif they were twins.  But today I had 3 different people ask me if they were twins and comment on how much they looked alike after I told them they were 3 months apart and not even related!  I think it is their blue eyes!

Then we headed back to Macon and went to the church to visit Josh. And then went to McDonalds for lunch.  They both seemed to enjoy their Happy Meals and both ate about half of their food.  After they ate, they were allowed to play with their toys while Josh and I talked to another friend we seen there.  We even had the lady behind the counter ask if they were twins!

After lunch we took Josh back to the office and then I had to head out to our house because Sarai was sick at school and Grandpa had went to pick her up.  We stayed at our house about an hour and then headed back to Macon to drop Maya off and pick-up Nathan from school.  Both of the babies fell asleep onthe way into town and slept until we dropped Maya off at home.

We had so much fun with Maya and can’t wait to do it again!  But Micah asked to “go see Maya” first thing when he got up this morning.  So I think it is going to take a while for him to adjust to not having her in his life too!


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