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Messes Little Monkies Make

Ok, I have to admit that raising Micah has been a challenge.  A huge blessing and one I am so thankful for and enjoy, but a challenge none the less!  I know, I know, it is because he is a boy.  However, I kind of think that even if he was a girl, he would be a challenge. Its just in his DNA!  Sarai was a challenge in her own way but hers has actually been the older she has gotten.  When she was little like Micah, she was not a challenge.  Yes, she made messes, was disobdient, adventurous, daring and ornery at times.  But if you take her at this age, you would have to multiply it by at least 1000 to get where Micah is at!  He can be a handful let me tell you!

But then there are those times that although he has done something wrong, you just can’t help but laugh and love him!  He just has that personality. I think, no I know he gets it from his daddy.  Both daddy and Micah can be little imps, frustrate you to the breaking point and then say or do something that makes you smile and your heart melt.  Look out girls!

On Easter, Jane made homemade noodles for lunch before she left for church.  I got the kids up and ready and then we left.  Jane ended up bringing the kids home early and Josh and I stayed through the third service.  So we get home and get everyone changed.  We eat lunch.  We got outside and have our egg hunt.  Later, Micah is out playing in the other room and I am in my room goofing around on the internet.  Then I hear Jane say “Micah, what have you done?!?”  So I walk out into the other room to find this (and yes I grabbed my camera before going, you just never know)!

The story goes that Jane got up and made her homemade noodles and cleaned everything up before she left for church.  Everyone came home, ate at the table, checked out the goodies from the egg hunt at the table and counted their money at the table.  What Jane failed to realize and no one else knew is that although she thought she had everything cleaned up, she had in fact missed a cup of flour that she had on the table to use while rolling the noodles.  Since no one knew it was  there, it wasn’t given a second thought.  During the afternoon while Micah was playing, he got up to the table (something he likes to do; will even sit and stand on it if we dont catch him) and found this cup of flour.  Now, you have to realize that he did not immediately dump this cup out onto the table. Oh no, he proceeded to set the cup down, get off the table, get the cup and then dump the flour into the dogs food dish.  Then he got a spoon from somewhere and played in the flour.

These shots were actually taken after we discovered the mess! Because you know me being the great mom that I am, cleaned up most of the mess and then allowed him to continue playing in what was left! I had to preserve the moment for memory’s (and future relationships) sake.  Thinking High School graduation here!

And besides, how could you get upset at that little face! He’s just too stinkin’ cute and sometimes that is part of the problem. His cuteness and charm, they are a deadly combination!  Please pray that I make it through the 2’s; he will be there in about a month!


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