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Easter Memories– Our Easter Egg Hunt

Ok, so this is gonna be the last of my Easter posts! I know, I know you are really going to miss them! LOL!

So after we got home from church on Sunday and ate lunch, I headed out to hide the eggs that I had made up for Micah and Sarai. I LOVE egg hunts! Not sure why as I don’t really remember doing any when I was a kid but maybe that is why.  I also think it has to do with the fact that I don’t my kids to grow up and ever say I don’t remember doing that or I never got to do that (within reason) for things that are normal in childhood (somethings just aren’t gonna happen). I want the memories that I make for and with my kids to be intentional and I want them documented and I want them to remember and enjoy them.  I don’t tihnk that is too much!

So I hid the 48 eggs that I had stuffed with candy and change and then I hid the 12 or so that Grandma had put money (she even used bills!) inside of.  Then I got the camera, the baskets and the kids and we headed outside.  Some where hidden on the porch, so I had to shoo Sarai off the porch so that Micah get those.  She really didn’t mind.

After the porch, Micah moved to the yard.  I think he must have learned something from the egg hunt the day before, because he went after those eggs with a passion.  It was kind of funny because for most of the time, he had more eggs in his basket than Sarai had in hers.  I think some of it was also because she was being an exceptional big sister and letting him get most of them.  Until she realized that he was way ahead of her!

Everything was going pretty good with both kids searching and finding eggs (it wasn’t that hard!).  Then Sarai was a little upset because she didn’t have as many as Micah.

So we started giving her clues to find an egg and she kept walking right past it.  Then Micah decided to look over by sissy and he actually saw the egg a few seconds before she did.  And although he was closer, she got there just about the same time he did.  OF course they both wanted the egg and Micah started to cry because she was trying to take “his” egg.  In the end she gave it to him and went and grabbed another one that was close by.  It was kind of funny though.

All in all, I think they had a great time; not to mention all the candy and goodies they got too!  I think they both ended up getting a little more than $6 apeice from their eggs!  Not bad for about 45 minutes worth of searching!



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