Easter Memories- Easter Morning

Another Easter post!  This one shouldn’t be too long.

Easter morning came bright and early for our household.  Josh and Jane got up and left for church about 7:30.  The kids and I got up, got ready and left by 8:30.  Our church was having 3 service times and Josh and Jane had to be there for all three.  The kids and I went to the second one and then I had to teach my 2 year olds class during the third service.  Jane was done after the choir sang in the third, so she took all of the kids home then and Josh and I followed after church was done for the day.

It was a great service. I always love the music that is sung at Easter; really drives it home!  And we had a special guest speaker who is pretty amazing.  Brady Weldon is a great speaker and has truly been blessed and used by God in a mighty way!  Not only did we get him for Easter Service, he is coming back this coming Sunday thorugh Wednesday for a crusade! It is sure to be amazing and life changing so if you are in the area and able to, please drop by!

Josh and I had been to Columbia earlier in the week and saw this super cute suit for Micah, so we bought it for him to wear on Easter.  I also totally forgot that day to look for a dress for Sarai at Target, so I ended up getting her a causual dress from Wal-Mart that she would be able to wear after Easter too.

Doesn’t he look so stinkin adorable in that outfit! He looked so much like a big boy, it almost made me cry.  I even was able to get his hair to lay down and look pretty spiffy.  If you have ever seen Micah at pretty much anytime of the day, his hair is wild.  Seems like nothing I do helps it or makes it stay niced and combed. Oh well.

When we got home from church, we did the Easter baskets.  This is something that I absoutely love doing for my kids each year.  I try to get them one or two little things or one big thing that isn’t candy and will last awhile.  This year I also did simple baskets for Nathan and Rachelle, didn’t want them to feel left out.  I made little tags with each of their names on them and tried to color coordinate everything as much as I could.  Micah’s is the blue one, Sarai got a red one, Nathan’s was green and Rachelle got pink.

Micah and Sarai with their basket full of goodies! I got them matching stuffed bunnies, with different colored ears and bow.  My husband really dislikes stuffed animals but for some reason we get them stuffed animals for special occasions. Wonder why that is? Oh well, they like them.

Rachelle and Nathan with their baskets.  They mostly got candy, but Rachelle also got a cute little pen and both of them got iTunes gift cards.  I guess they liked them, not really sure since they didn’t say much about them.

Then we had lunch, which was pretty good.  Jane made homemade noodles; Josh and I love them!  We had turkey and ham plus a lot of other goodies.  For dessert their was Pumpkin Pie and Cheesecake.  Then it was nap time! But I don’t think I got one because Micah wasn’t ready for one. Oh well.


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