Easter Memories- Coloring Eggs

So here is another Easter post, with lots of pictures for you to enjoy!

Saturday night Grandma Jane helped Micah and Sarai color Easter Eggs.  Last year Micah really wasn’t interested and I wasn’t sure how he would do this year either.  He wasn’t really interested in it this year either but we did get him to do about 3 eggs.  Not too bad.

Grandma Jane, Micah and Sarai starting to color eggs.  Grandma bought a tie dye type kit this year and it had these little straw things.  So I got Micah some q-tips because i thought that would be easier for him.

Micah and Sarai each coloring their first egg.  Sarai is getting ready to use the plastic bag to rub the color around. It is how they end up looking tie dyed.

Micah  showing off the first egg that he colored.  He did a pretty good job.  The funny thing about this egg is that it from looking like it does above to looking like it does below in a matter of a minute or less!

Poor baby! He had went over to show daddy his pretty egg and on the way back one of the little dogs ran in front of him and tripped him.  He landed on his egg, effectively smashing it! Oh the memories!  So of course then he had to do another one.

You can see a glimpse of the culprit that caused the egg smashing drama in the corner behind Micah in this picture.  Of course Sarai just worked away on her eggs.  After she got the hang of it, she could finish one pretty quickly.

Even Grandma Jane got into the fun of decorating eggs with Sarai and Micah.

So by the end of the night, we had a nice bowl full of very pretty eggs.


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